31 Days of Oscar

Our 31 Days of Oscar blogathon gets its own page here on Once Upon a Screen…

Entries listed by year starting with the most recent.  Fantastic reading!!




Flickin’ OutWilliam Holden: The Perfect Anti-Hero

Wolffian Classic Movie DigestFredric March: History of an Oscar-winning Actor

Classic Movie HubOlivia de Havilland in THE HEIRESS

CineMaven’s Essays from the CouchNETWORK

Wolffian Classic Movie DigestIngrid Bergman, History of an Oscar winning dame

Caftan WomanPaul Lucas, Best Actor 1944

The Movie RatActors – Non-competitive, non-lifetime wins

CinephiledPaul Newman’s Early Career

Classic Film & TV CafeSeven Things to Know About Glenda Jackson

Danny ReviewsDaniel Day-Lewis

Smitten Kitten VintageBette Davis

The Wonderful World of CinemaHelen Hayes as Ada Quonsett, AIRPORT’s Best Performance

E Street Film SocietyEllen Burstyn in ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE

Moon in GeminiChild Stars Nominees/Winners

The Movie GourmetCAGED: Eleanor Parker and Hope Emerson in the Prototype for Orange in the New Black

Once Upon a Screen – F. Murray Abraham in AMADEUS – One Scene

Critica RetroEmil Jannings

Movie CriticalIn Their Shoes: Oscar Winning Performances of Historical Figures


The official post dedicated to Oscars Snubs can be accessed here.

One Gal’s Musings – Bruce Willis reminds me of Cary Grant

Smitten Kitten Vintage – Marilyn Monroe

Kirkham A Movie A Day – Neglected Supporting Actor performances from 1975

Wide Screen World – Edward G. Robinson

I See a Dark Theater – Irene Dunne

M. Allen for Classic Movie Hub – Angela Lansbury

Moon in Gemini – Preston Sturges

Danny Reviews – Richard Attenborough

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You – John Goodman

The Movie Rat – Defunct Categories

Blog of the Darned – Genre Film Snubs

Wolffian Classic Movie Digest – Ann Harding in THE ANIMAL KINGDOM

Shadows and Satin – Top 10 Oscar-Less Noirs

The Vintage Cameo – Women Director Snubs

The Wonderful World of Cinema – Leonardo DiCaprio

Movies, Silently – 1929 Snubs – The First Oscars

Movie Movie Blog Blog – Honorary Oscars: The Rodney Dangerfield of Film Comedy

Hollywood Revue – Best Art Direction snub GRAND HOTEL

Prowler Needs a Jump – And the Winner Isn’t…

Once Upon a Screen – Ultimate Snubs – Never Nominated

Smitten Kitten Vintage – Alfred Hitchcock

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Katharine Hepburn’s Oscar Snub for THE AFRICAN QUEEN


GlamAmor – Costumes – Style Essentials – Audrey Hepburn’s Costumes Cause the (Oscar) Drama in 1954’s SABRINA

Silver Screenings – GODFREY Screenplay Skewers the One Percent

Movie Star Makeover – Love at First Sight: Edith Head Meets Oscar

Danny Reviews – Artistry – Top 5 Cinematography Wins

Rachel the Cinephile – Costumes

Girls Do Film – THE GREAT GATSBY: Too Much Style Not Enough Substance

Moon in Gemini – Emma Thompson’s screenplay adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility: The Best Austen Adaptation?

Bunnybun’s Classic Movie Blog – Is James Wong Howe Sexy?

Once Upon a Screen – Best Original Song, Hits and Misses

Cinephiled – The Most Famous (But Forgotten) Woman in the Movies

Paula’s Cinema Club – Cinematographer Roger Deakins

Sister Celluloid – Harold Rosson’s Oscar for cinematography for THE GARDEN OF ALLAH

The Movie Rat – Cinematographers in Black & White and Color

The Wonderful World of Cinema – My Fair Lady: The Outstanding costumes of Cecil Beaton

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest – Universal Horror Films that deserved Best Make-up and Special Effects

Margaret Perry – Musical Patriotism and Nostalgia in CASABLANCA


Silver Screenings – Directing Giants, and Tragedy in BOYS TOWN

Danny Reviews – 1986 Best Director Nominees

The Fluff is Raging – THE WOMAN IN RED: Trois Couleurs – Rouge

Girls Do Film – Kathryn Bigelow, THE HURT LOCKER and the Oscar Glass Ceiling

Wolffian Classics Movies Digest – George Cukor directed MY FAIR LADY

The Stop Button – THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (John Huston, 1948)

Jack Deth for Paula’s Cinema Club – The 48th Academy Awards

Outspoken & Freckled – Breaking Codes and Keeping Secrets in THE IMITATION GAME

Christy Putnam – THE STORY OF G. I. JOE

The Nitrate Diva – Soaring Spectacle: 10 Reasons to watch WINGS (1927)

The Movie Rat – Actors Awarded as Directors


Second Sight Cinema – MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW (1937): McCarey wins Oscar “for the wrong picture”

Moon in Gemini – Award for Most Unfairly Maligned Best Picture Winner: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE

Movie Fan Fare – 10 Little Things I love About MARTY

Portraits by Jenni – THE LOST WEEKEND

The Wonderful World of Cinema – William Wyler, three times Best director Winner

Lets Misbehave – Wild Bill Wellman and his resume of Precode Oscar ‘should-have-beens’

Flickin’ Out – William Holden: The Perfect Anti-Hero



Oscar Snubs!

First up, the VINTAGE CAMEO (@vintagecameos) blog discusses the snubbing of ‘frequently nominated but consistently overlooked for the win’ director “Oscar Snubs-Alfred Hitchcock”: As she aptly states, “Academy’s notorious, career-spanning snub of Alfred Hitchcock—one of film history’s most enduringly entertaining AND well-respected filmmakers—is especially perplexing.”

Next, our 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon co-host Aurora (@citizenscreen) of ONCE UPON A SCREEN brings to light, “The Snubbing of Barton Keyes.” In review of the overlooked performance of Edward G. Robinson’s iconic role in Double Indemnity (1944), Aurora writes: “Robinson’s depiction of the ruthless, irritable, funny, big-hearted, insurance adjuster with the “little man” who lives in his gut that serves as a warning when some claim seems “off,” is unforgettable.”

Ruth of SILVER SCREENINGS (@925Screenings) offers up “Oscar Snub: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.” In defense of the screenplay that never received the Oscar nom, she adds, “The script has all the hallmarks of a great western: memorable lines, interesting characters, and authentic-looking sets.”

The Gal Herself of ONE GAL’S MUSINGS discusses the Oscar snubs of Richard Burton in“Richard Burton’s Bad Luck with Drunk Cowboys.”  As she describes his predicament- he was “tormented by the choices he’d made… Burton believed that an Oscar would be tangible evidence that it all had been worth it.”

A PERSON IN THE DARK gives us the “2 Oscar Snubs That Really Irk Me.” FlickChick has “a list of gripes and grievances a mile long” but she’s chosen to “just share 2 of the snubbed ones that really, really irk me” with the performances of Jean Hagan as Lina Lamont in “Singin’ In The Rain” (1952) and Robert Preston as Toddy in “Victor/Victoria” (1982)

ImagineMDD (@ImagineMDD) evaluates the obvious oversight of “Bringing Up Cary Grant and Oscars” with a detailed breakdown of his remarkable yet snubbed performances. With 72 films- many as popular then as they remain now- it’s hard to believe he only received 2 noms for Best Actor?!

Next up, Kelly (@popcornnmovies) over at ON POPCORN AND MOVIES provides a delicious serving of the many snub highlights over the years of Oscar history in “What Do You Want… Awards or Iconic?”

One of the lovely Metzinger sisters, Connie, at SILVER SCENES Blog builds a compelling case for the snubbed yet grand sets in the film “Suez” (1938), “Set Design – Suez” (1938)  As Connie points out, “it remains an entertaining and thrilling spectacle.”

Next, Marlee of PICTURE SPOILERS reveals a biopic view of Marion Benson Owens aka Frances Marion for her unsung works in The Second Annual Muse Awards: 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon  

Minoo on the CLASSIC MOVIE HUB BLOG justifiably argues for Oscar Snub- Myrna Loy. As Minoo scribes regarding one of Loy’s most memorable roles… “The fact that Loy wasn’t even nominated for this touching, poignant and truthful performance is certainly one of the Oscars’ biggest snubs.”

Finally, fellow 31 DAYS OF OSCAR co-host Paula of PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB passionately protests the Oscar Snub: Barbara Stanwyck in STELLA DALLAS. As Paula astutely observes, “I also think the realism of Stanwyck’s performance may have been another contributing factor. She is always so natural, and almost never seems to be acting.”

Music, Costumes, Cinematography, Writing, etc.

First up, we get all glammed up as Kimberly (@GlamAmor) from GLAMAMOR brings us her latest entry for Style Essentials with “Ava Gardner is Dressed to Kill in Vera West for 1946’s THE KILLERS”

Continuing in a fashionable theme, Kay (@KayStarStyle) from MOVIE STAR MAKEOVERreminisces on the best red carpet style successes from the Oscars with “Retro Red Carpet Review”

CAFTAN WOMAN (@CaftanWoman) revisits the fourteen original songs introduced by Bing Crosby, nominated for Best Song Oscars over the course of his film history in “Sing A Song of Oscar”

Minoo from CLASSIC MOVIE HUB BLOG (@classicmoviehub) takes a twist on the auteur theory with cinematographer master “Gregg Toland: The Second Genius of CITIZEN KANE”

Margaret (@MargaretPerryKH) of the MARGARET PERRY Blog takes a look at the Oscar nominated writing partnership and long-lasting friendships between the Kanin/Gordon writing team and Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in “Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin write for the silver screen’s dream team”

Fritzi (@moviessilently) of MOVIES SILENTLY reflects back on the writing of the uniquely categorized nominations of the very first Oscars in “The Silent Oscars” 

Kelly (@popcornnmovies) of …ON POPCORN AND MOVIES devotes her post to the beautiful 2005 film adaption that practically swept all the “art” categories with six Academy Awards nominations, “MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA… in need of no words…” 

THE VINTAGE CAMEO (@vintagecameos) waxes melancholy on the Oscar categories that have gone extinct with “Forgotten Oscars: Best Dance Direction”

IMAGINEMDD (@ImagineMDD) gets musical with her favorite Oscar song winners: “15 Great Early Best Original Song Oscar Winners”  

Jack Deth posting on PAULA’S CINEMA CLUB lends huge kudos to 1976 Best Costume Design Oscar winners Milena Cannonero and Ulla-Britt Sonderlundin in, “Costuming BARRY LYNDON (1975) by Jack Deth”

Constance from SILVER SCENES Blog joins in with a delightful tribute to the entertaining editor with perfect comedic timing best known for his Disney films, “Editor- Cotton Warburton”

Victoria (@miss_vicki) of GIRLS DO FILM offers up a wonderful review of two films of the same story with Oscar winning results like Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design with,“The Spectacle of MOULIN ROUGE”  

Angela (@MaterialGirl850) over at THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE orchestrates a melodic perspective on the magical relationship between film and song with, “The Power Of An Original Song” 


Pam at Once Upon A Screen — The Golden Age of Hollywood Revisited: Henry Fonda Finally Wins An Oscar

The Gal Herself — In Praise of Practical Magic: Julie Andrews

Emily of The Vintage Cameo — Actors Playing Actors

Margaret of The Great Katharine Hepburn — Katharine Hepburn’s One and Only Academy Awards Appearance

Rich of Wide Screen World — Oscar Trading Cards: Actor Assortment

Karen of Shadows and Satin — Van Heflin in Johnny Eager (1941)

ImagineMDD — Hume Cronyn: One Life, a Boatload of Characters

Lê of Crítica Retrô — Best Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Kelly of …On Popcorn and Movies — The Origins of Smolder…Gary Cooper and a little bit about Pitt

Ivan of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear — Stuart Whitman in The Mark(1961)

Shane of Classic Film Haven — The Amazing Stories of Harold Russell and Haing S. Ngor

Aurora of Once Upon A Screen — Spencer Tracy: Oscar and the Actor’s Actor

The Directors!  

Visit with the great Sidney Lumet as he directs 12 Angry Men, a fabulous entry by Silver Screenings.

Then read about how Federico Fellini drew from his own contradictions in a Spotlight by Maegan, a guest post on Once Upon a Screen.

After that consider the lasting and moving work of one born to showbiz as Vincente Minnelli is duly honored by The Vintage Cameo.

Proceed on and be reminded that he was much more than a “women’s director.” George Cukor (as in “cucumber”) is the subject of Margaret Perry’s retrospective on an impressive career.

Finally… on popcorn and movies brings it all home with a discussion about how John Ford Screwed Up her Geography!


Margaret of The Great Katharine Hepburn tells us why Little Women (1933) is a very big deal.

Kelly of …On Popcorn & Movies recalls her experience seeing the 2011 Best Picture winner, The King’s Speech, at its first public viewing in Telluride.

Ruth of Silver Screenings writes that Paramount got its money’s worth for the $2 million it spent on Wings in Flyboys In Love and War.

Christy of Christy’s Inkwells gives us the backstory on A Man For All Seasons.

Iba of I Luv Cinema predicts who will be making the Best Pictures of the future in ‘Twas the Night Before the Academy Awards Ceremony.

I speculate wildly on how two Best Picture (and two Best Director) categories might change to the Academy Awards in Could more be more?

Aurora of Once Upon A Screen pays tribute to the “great, if underappreciated” George Stevens’ work on A Place in the Sun.

AnnMarie of Classic Movie Hub Blog analyzes You Can’t Take It With You, “a profoundly moving film that is as relevant today as it was over 75 years ago when it first hit the big screen.”

Em of The Vintage Cameo describes The Silent Inspirations ofTitanic (1997), “deep-rooted images [that] would remain even in Cameron’s version nearly a century later.”

Entries for our inaugural year, 2013:

It began with inspired artistry by Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club…a banner:




The winners, the losers, the snubs, the backstories, the gossip, the players and the games…this time it’s all about Oscar!

We’re back – Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled, Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen – hosting a new, mammoth blogathon event.  To coincide with Turner Classic Movie’s (TCM) 31 Days of Oscar …


…it’s a February filled with fabulous tales and screen wonders.  But this one is not just for classic film fare, we want to see and hear it all from the golden man’s more than eighty-year history, including this year’s nominees.

That was the introduction and the results were epic…

While Paula, Kellee and I expected some excitement from the blogging community, the response was overwhelming.  Following are all the entries…nearly eighty of them that span from the silent era to 2013 nominees.  From gossip, backstories, reviews and snubs to rants and remembrances.  You may note the “style” of the postings varies by week with each week having a slightly different introduction – I kept in the “different” ones for fun.  You may note which host is slightly (cough) verbose.

Week 1

Hosted by Kellee…

The red carpet is rolled out, the limos are lined up, the Harry Winston jewelry and hottest designer gowns are perfectly fitted and the envelopes are sealed … it’s time for Oscar. Well, almost. To add to the building excitement of this momentous showcase of the very best in cinema, Aurora of Once Upon A Screen (aka @citizenscreen) and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club (aka @Paula_guthat) and myself decided to follow along with Turner Classic Movie’s month long tribute, 31 Days of Oscar with our very own 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon.

And to kick off the very first week, here are your bloggers’ contributions and passions on what inspires them for Oscar…

1. Vanessa of “Stardust” –  “Hollywood’s Triumph: 1939”  (tweet Vanessa at @callmeveebee )

2. Aurora of “Once Upon A Screen” – Oscar “Firsts” (tweet Aurora at @citizenscreen )

3. Lindsey of “The Motion Pictures” –  “Oscar recollections: 10 favorite Best Actress winners” and  “Oscar recollections: 10 favorite Best Actor winners.” (tweet Lindsey at @TMPLindsey ) 

4.  Pete of “Furious Cinema” – “DJANGO UNCHAINED” and “Little Caesar” (tweet Pete at @furiouscinema )

5.  Kevin aka “Jack Deth”… (hosted by) http://paulascinemaclub.com – “1973: A Very Good Year”

6.  The Gal Herself of “One Gal’s Musings” –  “1960 Best Supporting Actress” 

7.  David of “Be Careful! Your Hand!” –  “Oscars: Best Animated Feature 2009- Who Should Have Won?”   and  “And The Oscar for Best Voice Acting Goes To…”   (tweet David at @DavidOpie )

8.  Ratnakar of “Seetimaar- Diary Of A Movie Lover” –  “Amadeus”   (tweet Ratnakar at @ScorpiusMaximus )

9.  Ruth of “Silver Screenings” – “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”  ( tweet Ruth at @925screenings )

10. Murtaza of “A Potpourri of Vestiges” – The Silence of the Lambs (1991): American Film- Maker Jonathan Demme’s Case Study on Human Psychology” (tweet Murtaza at @apotofvestiges)

Please savor these delicious blog entries as contributed by our blogger extraordinaires. This is only the first week and we are already brimming with talent. Be sure to add your feedback to these blog entries, follow along with TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar this month and stayed tuned to our 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon in the weeks to come for the very best in Oscar blogging fun!

Week 2


Hosted by Aurora…

Our 31 Days of Oscar blogathon is now in full swing following a stellar first week of submissions that covered topics/films from the silent era to this year’s nominees.


Paula (@strbuk) of The Daily Maine considers The Forgotten Man, Still Forgotten?“ in the pre-code gem, Gold Diggers of 1933.

The Lady Eve (@TheLaydeeEve) of The Lady Eve’s Reel Life beautifully describes when The Rains Came (1939)

With appropriate outrage R.A. (@925Screenings) of Silver Screenings discusses Humphrey Bogart’s Oscar Snub – a doozie!

Samuel (@Samuel3esq) of Be Careful! Your Hand! asks of the 1950 Best Actress nominees – who should have won?

Rich (@ratzo318) of Wide Screen World takes a look at the landmark classic, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932).

The Gal Herself from One Gal’s Musings and her Kate Hepburn and the Best Actress Derby shines the spotlight on the only actress to both beat and lose to the Great Kate at The Oscars.

Jessica (@HollywoodComet) of Comet Over Hollywood takes on The Academy with, Did that performance deserve an Oscar?: Louise Rainer in The Great Ziegfeld (1936).

Ratnakar (@ScorpiusMaximus) of Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover tackles Clint Eastwood’s, Unforgiven –How the West was Deconstructed.

Murtaza ( @apotofvestiges) A Potpourri of Vestiges hits the perfect musical note with an entry on Milos Forman’s masterpiece, Amadeus (1984)

Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club and co-host of this event, makes a case for Jack Black and his Oscar-worthy performance in Bernie (2012).  Another snub for the record books!

Pete (@FuriousCinema) of Furious Cinema submits entries on classics from three distinct film eras: the perennial crime favorite and Cagney classic, White Heat, a discussion of the brilliance of 1970s thriller,Marathon Man (1976), and tells the tale of a common man with a look at Barton Fink (1991).

Fernando (@FernandoRafael) of Committed to Celluloid offers an impressive trifecta of timely reviews:  Ben Affleck gets some respect with his look at Argohe discusses “The Dark Knight of the Bond franchise,”Skyfalland offers insight into Steven Spielberg’s, Lincoln.

Great stuff!

Now that you’ve read these fabulous entries, there are a few more things for you to do before we start playing the music, nudging you off the stage – 1) look forward to several more weeks of entries to come – 2) tune in toTCM every single day in February and – 3) look fabulous on the red carpet on Sunday, February 24th at the 85th Academy Awards (ABC).

On behalf of my co-hosts, Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club (aka @Paula_guthat), Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled (aka @IrishJayHawk66), and myself, a heartfelt THANKS to you for tuning in, to the fabulous participants without whose entries this event wouldn’t be possible, and to all those wonderful people out there in the dark!

Nervous excitement continues to build…


Week 3

Hosted by Paula…

Presenting Week 3 of the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon

The 31 Days of Oscar blogathon, hosted by myself, Aurora of Once Upon A Screen, and Kellee of Outspoken and Freckled, continues.

And now…these are the brilliant Week 3 posts, listed with Twitter handles (where available) so we can all find each other and converse.

Check out my completely random, probably totally wrong 2013 Oscar predictions, including a mini-review of Zero Dark Thirty.

“Glorious to look at, enchanting to listen to – a romance to remember…” My co-host Aurora (@CitizenScreen) reviews Midnight in Paris at Citizen Screenings.

Michael (@le0pard13) from It Rains… You Get Wet was a projectionist for a while, which I think eminently qualifies him to revise Oscar snubs from the 1970s and then make 1980s Oscar wrongs right as well.

Rich (@ratzo318) of Wide Screen World loves a good song and dance…for instance, octuple Oscar winner Cabaret.

The Nitrate Diva (@NitrateDiva) explores the connections between “spiritual sisters” and Oscar cinematography winners Black Narcissus andApocalypse Now.

The Focused Filmographer (T, aka @FilmsWith_T) spotlights two criminally overlooked Oscar-worthy performances from 2012, one in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the other in Les Misérables.

Paul (@LassoTheMovies) from Lasso The Movies discusses the similarities between 1940′s and 2012′s Oscar nominees, particularly the diversity of genres.

Pete (@FuriousCinema) from Furious Cinema reviews The Master, “another masterwork from visionary filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.”

The Gal Herself discusses “the first time Mr. Lincoln was in the house,” 1940 Best Actor race at One Gal’s Musings.

Angela (@MaterialGirl850) of The Hollywood Revue analyzes and assesses Oscar’s Most Awkward Year,” 1928-1929.

Murtaza (@apotofvestiges) reviews The Master, “a multifaceted work of cinema that can be enjoyed at so many levels,” at A Potpourri of Vestiges.

Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks explores why Blood and Sand (1941) won Best Cinematography.

Dan (@PGCooper) from PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews takes a look at 12 classic films that, despite being worthy of Best Picture and Best Director nods, received none at all.

Lê (@startspreading) at Crítica Retrô gives her take on Oscar and the surprising 1950s.

Joel (@joelrwilliams1) of Joel’s Classic Film Passion appraises three Oscar-winning or -nominated foreign films from the 1980s.

R.A. (@925screenings) at Silver Screenings briefs us on why Miriam Hopkins was perfect for the role of Becky Sharp.

Karen (@TheDarkPages) highlights 10 Oscar-Less Dames Their Oscar-Worthy Roles at Shadows and Satin.

Kimberly (@glamamor) at GlamAmor surveys Audrey Hepburn’s amazing, and non-nominated, wardrobe in Two for the Road.

Marlee (@MarleeWalters) of Spoilers bestows the First Annual Muse Awards to Ida Lupino, Gene Tierney, and Gloria Grahame.

Week 4


Hosted by Aurora…

“Oscar and I have something in common. Oscar first came to Hollywood scene in 1928. So did I. We’re both a little weather-beaten, but we’re still here and plan to be around for a whole lot longer.” – John Wayne at the 1979 Academy Awards

I’m back as host for the penultimate week of this 5-week, monster, Oscar-ific, blogathon extravaganza!  Taking the reigns from Paula, who knocked it out of the park, I’ve nothing but MORE FABULOUS READS TO OFFER!

But before I get there, since this is my last week as host, I want to thank…

…all the little people who have made this possible.  My dream has been realized by all of you.  To my family, my representatives, my stylists, my dietitians, my teachers, my many lovers, my grocer, the woman in line at the pharmacy who let me get in front of her when I had a UTI, and to you, all the beautiful people out there in the dark, I dedicate this…er…um…what’s that music?

AND NOW featuring curses, oddities, remembrances, history and much, much more…

I present the Week 4 entries of the 31 Days of Oscar blogathon…

We start with the ever-stylish, Kay (@KayStarStyle) of Movie Star Makeover who brings us Oscar Night Oddities.

Rich (@ratzo318) of Wide Screen World discusses a Cabin In the Sky.

Fernando (@FernandoRafael) of Committed to Celluloid delivers a double-dose of reviews on films you may have heard of, Raging Bull (1980) and The Usual Suspects (1995).

Pete (@FuriousCinema) of Furious Cinema cares about The Last Detaila 1970s road picture.

Michael (@Le0pard13) of It Rains, You Get Wet – offers the second half of his recasting spectacular with two decades full of fun: Recant This! Recasting Oscar’s Picks: the 90s and Recant This! Recasting Oscar’s Picks: the 00s

Nikki (@NikkiLynn4) of All Things Classic Film on 31 Days of Oscar and Mr. Skeffington.  Mr. Rains IN THE HOUSE!  Oh…did I say that aloud?

Iba (@ILuvCinema) of  I luv cinema asks, The Oscar Curse: Is it For Real?

Le (@StartSpreading) of Critica Retro takes a look at depictions of Abraham Lincoln in Film – Uma personalidade, vários intérpretes: Abraham Lincoln

Ratnakar (@ScorpiusMaximus) of Seetimaar – Diary of a Movie Lover on David Lean’s epic masterpiece, Lawrence of Arabia

Nitrate Diva (@NitrateDiva) of The Nitrate Diva offers insight on a silent, crime classic with The Gang’s All Here: Five Reasons to Love The Racket (1928).

Kellee, of Outspoken & Freckled, one of the co-hosts of this blogathon, shines a light on the all-too-soon forgotten, The Oscar Hosts.

With her Annual Oscar Rant it’s Duke Mantee (@MarleeWaters) of Spoilers.  ”This is her Super Bowl.”

Patricia (@CaftanWoman) of Caftan Woman focuses on the performances of, and competition between Oscar’s Children.

Jessica (@HollywoodComet) of Comet Over Hollywood recognizes a stellar performance by one of the greats with But first and foremost, I remember mama.


Oh, and by Aurora (@CitizenScreen).  Or, as I like to refer to myself, ME – a post I had to publish for heart –  1942 Oscars – Heart over Brains.

As we are honoring Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as much as we are The Oscars and our love of film, I must remind you to tune into TCM every single day in February for Oscar fabulousness 24 hours a day.  And, this Sunday, February 24th I’ll be seeing you at the 85th Academy Awards on ABC.  (Well, only in my imagination).

If I could turn back time…

31st oscars

Week 5

Hosted by Kellee…

FINAL Week… 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon

We have finally arrived to the 5th and last week of the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon. It’s been a wondrous journey of incredibly talented bloggers writing on what they’re most passionate, crowning achievements in cinema. I’m in awe of the caliber of excellence in writing each week throughout this process. It’s been a true honor and joy to co-host this blogging event, along with my fellow co-hosts Aurora of Once Upon A Screen and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club. On behalf of my co-hosts and myself, a HUGE Thank You to all you participating bloggers and to all the readers, too! We couldn’t have done it without you and we hope it’s been as enjoyable for you as it has been for us.
And now, your final week of bloggers…
Here are your magnificent bloggers for Week 5: 
First up, Lindsey with The Motion Pictures reflects on her Oscar recollections with “15 Favorite Best Picture Winners”Then, she shares more Oscar recollections with her list of “10 Favorite Best Director Winners” Epic lists! (You can tweet Lindsay @TMPLindsey)

Then, Greg flies in with a star-studded ‘Airport’ comparison with A Tale of Two Airports. Greg is posting this on Citizen Screenings (You can tweet Greg at @GregMcCambley)Jenni from Portraits by Jenni helps us unravel the mystery behind the 1948 Best Actress Oscar shocker of when Rosalind Russell was snubbed with: “When Rosalind Was Robbed!”Fellow ’31 Days of Oscar Blogathon’ co-host extraordinaire Paula of  Paula’s Cinema Club asks, “How much does art matter, and is it worth dying for?” with the Oscar nominated:  The Train (1964) (You can tweet Paula at @Paula_Guthat)Then ’31 Days of Oscar Blogathon’ co-host superstar Aurora of Citizen Screenings ushers in the story of a man, a story of redemption and one of the best courtroom dramas on film, The Verdict

With another generous post, Aurora of Once Upon A Screen gets fired up expressing her outrage in a very fun way: “Oh No They Didn’t! Ignored by Oscar”

Ruth of Silver Screenings presents all the fixins you need for a good Western: gun fights, bad guys, John Wayne and a terrific assortment of hats with, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance  (You can tweet Ruth at @925screenings)

Jim of Draconic Verses rightfully expresses outrage over this year’s missing from ‘In Memoriam’ in: “Oh Oscar, Oscar, Oscar” (You can tweet Jim at @DraconicVerses)

Then, Ruth of FlixChatter offers her take on the Oscar record-holder and the most brilliant costume designer in cinema history with: 31 Days of Oscar – Spotlight on Hollywood’s Costume Queen Edith Head 
(You can tweet Ruth at @FlixChatter)

Rich of Wide Screen World gets animated with a tale of an Oscar-worthy film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 
(You can tweet Rich at @ratzo318)

Nitrate Diva reviews how the Academy doesn’t reward a comedy classic in: It Happened One Night
(You can tweet Nitrate Diva at @NitrateDiva)

Pete of Furious Cinema portrays a Sinatra in a new dramatic light with, The Man With A Golden Arm 
(You can tweet Pete at @FuriousCinema)


On behalf of my co-hosts, Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club (aka @Paula_guthat), Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled (aka @IrishJayHawk66), and myself, a heartfelt THANKS to you for tuning in and to the fabulous participants without whose entries this event wouldn’t be possible – not to mention they inspire and entertain.

Here’s to Oscar, to TCM and to YOU!

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