Ultimate Snubs – Never nominated… #31DaysOfOscars

I sit and peruse.  And my jaw drops.  Intending to focus on one film that received not one Oscar nomination for Snubs week in the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon what I find is astounding.  Far too many greats, including some of my all-time favorites never had their title noted on “the envelope please.”  So I change my focus in light of the difficult task and decide to curate a gallery of images instead expanding the mentions to include some of the filmmakers and stars that were completely ignored by Oscar.

Now, I must mention I took some liberties with this gallery.  Included are a few who may have made their mark in film prior to the Oscars era, but deserve a mention nonetheless – and not taken into account for this gallery are lifetime achievement Oscars any of the players included may have received.

Keep in mind also that this gallery does not include all of the films and players ignored by Oscar, but rather the ones from the classics era whose comprehensive Oscar snub surprises me.  Feel free to note in the comments any you feel I excluded that should be noted.  I’ve no doubt that in my own way I too am snubbing a few deserving notables.

Without further ado – to the gallery!  Oscar may have ignored those represented in the images that follow, but I think you’ll agree – classics they all are, judged by time to be outstanding.  Enjoy…


Actors not nominated for a single Oscar…


Directors not nominated for a single Oscar…


Great Motion Pictures not nominated for a single Oscar…

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Finally, a few deserving of lifetime achievement honors…

This post is my entry for Snubs week in the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon, an event I’m co-hosting with Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled and Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club.  Be sure to visit both of their sites or this one Once Upon a Screen throughout February as we feature a fabulous array of entries dedicated to Oscar.


23 thoughts

    1. Yeah, O’Hara is a shocker for me too. Just seems she was in so many great films – all of these are shockers! I’m happy she was finally recognized with a lifetime award, but feels like too little too late. That would be true tho of many others as well.


    1. True! I considered him, but I wasn’t surprised by his not being nominated in the same way as I was the others I included. Not sure why to be honest.


  1. And despite receiving nominations in all four acting categories (two of them in the newly-created supporting category), as well as for best director (Gregory La Cava), “My Man Godfrey” was not nominated for best picture. (Two other William Powell films from 1936 did get the nod, “The Great Ziegfeld,” which won, and “Libeled Lady.”)

      1. Another Carole Lombard film that failed to receive any Oscar nominations was “Twentieth Century.” It didn’t help its cause that Columbia was focusing its awards push on its popular stablemate, “It Happened One Night.”

        1. Yeah. In truth there are too many to mention. I noted the ones that really surprised me whether it was a snub for best picture, effects or cinematography. No doubt I enjoy Twentieth Century though.

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize so many great actors did not receive an oscar nod considering how many great films they were a part of! For instance Joseph Cotton in “Gaslight” – Wow! Thanks for the great snub list. I’m sure you could do a whole list for music, wardrobe, and writers too. I’m loving your blog!

  3. Terrific list, it’s always astonishing when you realize who was passed over time and again when lesser lights were acknowledged, sometimes on multiple occasions. So glad to see Ida Lupino on you’re list since the academy had two ways, acting and directing, they could have honored her and she came up empty.

    Here’s some I came up with that haven’t been mentioned but were certain worthy of a nod or two:

    1) Linda Darnell-Her extreme beauty and her home studio’s insistence on casting her in mostly decorative roles held her back from fully displaying the talent that was so evident when she was presented with the rare opportunity to show it. Should have been nominated for: Summer Storm, A Letter to Three Wives, No Way Out and This is My Love.

    2) Veronica Lake-Her peak was so brief it’s surprising that she is so iconic and that she managed to give any performances of note considering the amount of junk Paramount crammed her into. Should have been nominated for: Sullivan’s Travels, This Gun for Hire and I Married a Witch.

    3) Jean Harlow-A couple things got in the way of her being recognized for her work. First when she started she was just terrible in the dramas she was cast in but once her gift for comedy was discovered it seemed she was a totally different performer. Second comedy has always been less respected than drama, that and her brassy image kept her outside looking in. She and the studio were toning down her image and she was still at the top when she died at 26 so perhaps if she hadn’t died so young she might have been nominated in the future. Should have been nominated for: Red Headed Woman, Red Dust and Libeled Lady.

    4) Joan Bennett-Once she ditched the blonde coquette look of her early career and switched to the tough noir persona that she wore so well she really found her niche. The fact that the academy ignored her best work is a sign of their less than high regard for most film noir. Should have been nominated for: Man Hunt, Scarlet Street, The Macomber Affair and The Reckless Moment.

    5) Margaret Hamilton-One of the great supporting actresses her list of worthy work is long but she rarely had a spotlight role except for her most famous. Should have been nominated for-The Wizard of Oz.

    6) Kay Francis-Typed as a clothes horse early in her career in a bunch of profitable but empty junk she was excellent when given the opportunity which was rare. Should have been nominated for: One Way Passage and In Name Only.

    7) Jane Russell-Another knockout whose gift for comedy was undervalued. She was impeded by being at a minor studio also. Should have been nominated for her brilliant work in Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

    8) Ann Sheridan-Yet another actress whose competence worked against her, when you’re always good it’s hard to blow people away. Should have been nominated for: The Man Who Came to Dinner, Kings Row, I Was a Male War Bride and Come Next Spring.

    9) Alexis Smith-Lovely, lissome and a charming leading lady who improved with age. Unfortunately when she was ready for really good parts she had moved into supporting and retreated to the stage. Should have been nominated for: The Sleeping Tiger and The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.

    10) Robert Walker-A brilliant, deeply troubled actor whose main studio, MGM, didn’t know how to utilize properly. He was so good at the sweet aw-shucks boy next door that he never got a chance to explore the darker edges of his talent until the end of his too brief life. Like Jean Harlow if he had not been felled at an early age, 32, he probably would have racked up some nominations. Should have been nominated for: The Clock and Strangers on a Train.

    11) Fred MacMurray-I came to an awareness of Fred’s ability gradually since I first knew him as the affable dad on My Three Sons, hardly a part to stretch his abilities. Perhaps that’s why he never scored any awards traction since he was best known as a light comedian but he was capable of much more. Should have been nominated for: Swing High, Swing Low, Remember the Night, Double Indemnity and The Apartment.

    12) Edward Arnold-Again incredible that one of the consummate character actors never was acknowledged for his work. Should have been nominated for: Come and Get It, Johnny Apollo and The Devil and Daniel Webster.

  4. Beautiful post. I didn’t know both Dana Andrews and Joseph Cotten were never nominated for an Oscar. Cotten’s performance as Uncle Charlie in Shadow of Doubt is one of my all time favorite. Thanks for such a great post!

  5. Oscars are strange sometimes… I think Dana Andrews should have been at least nominated for The Best Years of Our Lives and I never understand why Joseph Cotten never received a single Oscar nomination! He is just an incredible actor, one of my very very favourites!

    Thanks for all these informations!

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