How Sweet it Was

As far as obsessions go only one thing can compare to the classics of the silver screen for me…television.  In fact, it was television that introduced me to classic film.  And, although I still watch as much “new” television programming as is humanly possible for a person who has to work for a living, I have a special place in my heart for classic television.  Well, classic anything really as I love all that is retro.  So, I created and dedicated a site to classic television, a place where I can pay tribute, comment and share the joy of those pioneers, special talents and roving lunatics that have, in one form or another, graced the small screen – a member of my family.

How Sweet it Was






The site is How Sweet it Was, very much a work in progress but I’d love a visit from you if you’re so inclined.  Comments from other television fans are always thrilling.  Dedicated to the ones who irrevocably affected our lives, the ones who made us cry, laugh, feel and fear.

Television, How Sweet it Was

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