Citizen Screenings

Visit my other blog, Citizen Screenings for more film commentary of the “simply a fan” variety.  There, I rant and rave on more modern movie fare, actors, directors – those I consider post-classics by virtue of era alone.  We’ve been offered, as movie fans, some damn fine filmmaking  from the late 1960s through today that are classics by anyone’s standards – but to me, classics of a different color.

Some examples – a few of my favorites…











Film entertainment doesn’t come only from films that are considered “classics,” however, either by the masses or just a few.  There are plenty of guilty pleasures that are as enjoyable, unforgettable and important from my perspective.  Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why one loves a film.  What’s fun to watch is fun to watch – no excuse necessary.  Citizen Screenings is just getting its feet wet but I hope to comment on films and filmmakers I grew up with, have watched repeatedly or simply cannot forget.  Good or bad.  Hope to see you there sometime.





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