OSCAR SNUBS for the #31DaysOfOscar Blogathon

“Now I know what it feels like to be the bridesmaid and never the bride.”  – Thelma Ritter on being nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar four times in a row without a win.  The legendary character actress would receive two subsequent nominations – that’s a total of six without ever taking home the golden statuette!


I KNOW!  That’s why I’m thrilled to be hosting the “What the hell were you thinking, Oscar?” category for the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon.  For two days you’ll be served opinions and images dedicated to some of Oscar’s greatest blunders and omissions.


So sit back and enjoy the Oscar Snubs submissions!  And be sure to come back often as I’ll be updating links as they arrive – that’s two days of legendary snubbery.

February 9-10 OSCAR SNUBS!

Day Two

Moon in Gemini – Preston Sturges’ Missing Best Director Nomination

M. Allen for Classic Movie Hub – Angela Lansbury

Prowler Needs a Jump – And the Winner Isn’t…

Movies, Silently – Snubbing Like It’s 1929: Who Got Left Out in the Cold During the First Oscars?

Once Upon a Screen – Ultimate Snubs – Never Nominated

Shadows and Satin – Top 10 Oscar-Less Noirs

Wolffian Classic Movie Digest – Why Ann Harding deserved an Oscar, a review of THE ANIMAL KINGDOM

The Vintage Cameo – Women Director Snubs

Blog of the Darned – Genre Film Snubs – And the snub goes to…

Smitten Kitten Vintage – Marilyn Monroe

Smitten Kitten Vintage – Alfred Hitchcock

Barry Bradford – Speaking for a Change – FAIL-SAFE

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – Katharine Hepburn in THE AFRICAN QUEEN

Day One

One Gal’s Musings – Bruce Willis reminds me of Cary Grant

Kirkham A Movie A Day – Neglected Supporting Actor performances from 1975

Wide Screen World – Edward G. Robinson

The Movie Rat – Defunct Categories

The Wonderful World of Cinema – Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar

Movie Movie Blog Blog – Honorary Oscars: The Rodney Dangerfield of Film Comedy

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You – Why the John Goodman Oscar Snubs?

Hollywood Revue – Cedric Gibbons and GRAND HOTEL (1932): One of Oscar’s Biggest Oversights

I See a Dark Theater – Irene Dunne – Oscar Dunne her wrong!

Danny Reviews – Richard Attenborough


On behalf of my co-hosts, Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled, Paula (@Paula_Guthat) of Paula’s Cinema Club and myself (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen I extend a huge THANK YOU to all the talented, passionate bloggers who are taking part in the third annual 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon.

If you missed any of the posts submitted honoring THE ACTORS! for Week 1 be sure to visit Kellee at Outspoken & Freckled.

And still to come!

February 16-17 THE CRAFTS! (Music, Costumes, Cinematography, Writing, etc.) hosted by Kellee

February 23-24 PICTURES AND DIRECTORS! hosted by Paula

Important reminders!

We started this event to coincide with Turner Classic Movie’s (TCM) 31 Days of Oscar marathon during which the network shines the spotlight on the storied history of the Academy Awards.  Be sure to tune in to TCM every day through March 3rd to watch Oscar winners and nominees spanning the golden man’s 87 year history.



Also, tune in to the 87th Academy Awards – or, rather The Oscars –  on February 22 at 7 pm est. on ABC.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Neil Patrick Harris as host!

22 thoughts

  1. Darn, I’m sorry I missed this one! I’ve really been off the blogosphere for a while. Maybe the next round, but I’m excited to read these entries!! 🙂

  2. Love that you’ve taken a stand with Thelma Ritter and and Cary Grant! I’ve also always wished that THE ASPHALT JUNGLE had more nominations, especially for Jean Hagen; there was more to her than Lena LaMont! 😀

    1. True about Hagen, Dorian! Although her Lina Lamont is one of the best comedic performances ever delivered. That’s a snub unto itself! And Cary and Thelma – I mean, what can be said? OUTRAGEOUS!!


  3. As time goes by we become more in tune with those overlooked supporting role performances that deserved award recognition. I submit Eli Wallach as Tuco in THE GOOD, THE BAD and the UGLY.

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