A Draconic Liebster mention

A couple of weeks back, in the midst of the 31 Days of Oscar blogathon frenzy, Jim of The Draconic Verses (@DraconicVerses) tagged me with a Liebster Award.  I’m lucky to have received a couple of these mentions from other bloggers during the life of Once Upon A Screen.  They are always appreciated and never fail to surprise me.  While I am just now getting “comfortable” with the fact there are people who actually visit this blog regularly, I still consider it too good to be true.  Anyway, this mention from Jim is particularly significant because I consider him one of the “true” artists I’ve encountered since beginning my journey on Twitter, which is how I happened upon a fabulous community of film fans in the first place.  He’s also one of the most passionate cinephiles out there.  So, a sincere THANK YOU to Jim for thinking of Once Upon a Screen as worthy of a mention in any way.


Here goes…THE LIEBSTER – maestro…


Here are the requirements:

 • I have to list 11 random facts about me, and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me.
• I am to nominate 11 other people, and come up with 11 new questions.  I can’t nominate the person who nominated me (for obvious reasons.)
• I paste the award picture on my blog.

About me…

1.  I really dislike discussing “me”
2.  I know few things for certain – but one is that Judy Garland was the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century.
3.  I fell in love with Elvis Presley when I was five years old.
4.  I struggle to sound professional in my blog posts but lose the battle each and every time – I can’t escape the emotional attachment to the films and movie stars I often write about.  It’s personal.
Casablanca_All of the Gin Joints
sunset boulevardPDVD_018
5.  I have the equivalent of four cups of espresso every morning.
6.  I am – admittedly and proudly – low-brow in my movie tastes.
7.  I am opinionated…
8.  …but often indecisive
9.  I have zero fashion sense.
10.  I am a homebody.
viv at home
11.  I know a lot less than I think I know.
Jim’s questions and my responses:
  1. What’s your favorite genre of movie?

OY!  Um…I love all genres of movies.  I’ll give a shout-out to the musical only because I fell in love with them first.


2.  What’s the most recent B/W movie you’ve seen?

Edmund Goulding’s, Grand Hotel on Turner Classic Movies last night.


3.  Do you have a favorite cartoon character?

I’m calling this one a tie…but in truth my favorites are any and all voiced by the genius of Mel Blanc.


4.  If you could summon one dead historical/famous figure, who would you call on?

Since this includes “famous” I assume it could be from film world so my choice is Cary Grant.  I wouldn’t object to a meet with him – intimate, casual or any combination of opportunity that would present itself.  (Is it getting hot in here?)


5.  Mac or PC?


6.  What film have you seen the most times, and do you know how many times you saw it?

I honestly don’t know which film I’ve seen most but Vincente Minnelli’s, Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) is up there.


7.  Favorite sports team?

My hometown team – The New York Yankees

8.  Favorite board game?

Although I haven’t played it in years, I used to love Parcheesi as a kid.  Also, it’s on my mind because my mother just asked me about it.  Weird.


9.  Ever sang karaoke in public?


10.  Who would portray you best in the story of your life? (living or dead actor/actress)

I am watching Marjorie Main in George Sidney’s, The Harvey Girls (1946) on TCM right now and since I enjoy making people laugh, she’s as good a choice as any.


11.  What TV theme song can you NEVER get out of your head?

The theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And now…

My intention when I received Jim’s tag was to break all the rules except for acknowledging his mention and answering his questions.  But then I thought about it and, since the whole idea of the award is to encourage your readers to take a look at other blogs, I will adhere to said rules.

Now to the toughest part, choosing those blogs. There are certain guidelines to adhere to, but I am foregoing those guidelines for several reasons.  So let me just say that I am choosing 8 bloggers (instead of 11) from a long list of fabulous film sites I visit quite often and that I know others would enjoy visiting.  Some of my favorites have received this award before – including some I chose myself when I was last recognized – so I’ve left them out.  But I have other favorites listed here.  I am not aware of how many followers certain blogs have or how long blogs have been in existence – so I choose these without making sure if they meet those requirements.  These may also have received previous Liebster recognition.  So, suffice it to say I think these are sites everyone should take a look at.

Although there is no obligation to participate, I would love to know their answers to my questions, which follow this list of honorees.  It’s all in good fun – no pressure intended.

In no particular order, I pass the Liebster on to…

The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

It Rains…You Get Wet

The Nitrate Diva

All Things Classic Film

I Luv Cinema

Silver Screenings

Shadows and Satin

Caftan Woman


1.  Why do you blog?

2.  What was your “best” filmgoing experience?

3.  What classic film would you absolutely love to watch on the big screen and why?

4.  You’re having a dinner party and your list of guests include five classic film personalities/stars/directors – who’s on your list?

5.  What is your ideal day off?

6. You can have a half-hour conversation with any fictional character. Who do you choose? Why?

7.  Your favorite movie monster is?

8.  If you could choose to live in a house/apartment featured in a film or television show, which would it be?

9.  Name one thing you would have on your bucket list.

10.  Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie?

11.  Favorite film decade and why?

Happy blogging!


8 thoughts

  1. Congratulations on your award ! I loved reading all your answers ,with photos !
    What a lovely word – Liebster.
    I’m with you on Cary Grant and coffee!


    1. Thanks, Vienna! Yes, I LOVE my espresso and, had I been given a chance to sample, I’m sure I would have loved Mr. Grant! 😉 I take advantage when possible to insert those wonderful images into posts. Shamefully, I’m afraid.


  2. Congrats, Aurora. Well deserved, too. And many thanks for passing it on my way. I’m honored.

    I’m with you in regard to all characters voiced by the great Mel Blanc. And I, in fact, have the Mary Tyler Moore theme on my iPod. Karaoke and the Bronx Bombers? “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”

    Love this thought:

    “I struggle to sound professional in my blog posts but lose the battle each and every time – I can’t escape the emotional attachment to the films and movie stars I often write about. It’s personal.”

    p.s., I too (along with Audrey Hepburn) would summon Cary Grant.

    1. Thanks, Michael! You have the theme to the MTM show on your iPod then your awesomeness knows no bounds! Too great for words. I’ve known for some time you’ve awesome taste in film, wonderful sense all around. But this is the cherry on top!! SIGH – SEE, PLUS you’d summon Cary Grant!

      Holy Smokes!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting! I’m still getting to know some seriously fabulous blogs and yours is one I “ran into” fairly recently. Truly great stuff – what I hope this site will be like one day. Anyway, as I mentioned, no pressure to take part, I know everyone has busy schedules, but wanted to mention the “worthy mentions.”


  3. Y’know, I’d extend the same recommendation I do with other Liebster awardees. Could you answer your own questions in a comment here? Since I just finished writing mine (comes out tomorrow), I’d be most interested to read how you would answer them. Thanks, Aurora.

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