Day 6: Classic Movie History Project – Family Business and A Foreign Affair

The last day of this year’s Classic Movie History Project is upon us and to end things we circle back to The People with a focus on The Family Business and A Foreign Affair.  Here are our general descriptions of these topics:

The Family BusinessFamily

Some of the most interesting stories in Hollywood through the decades have been born of family strife and pressures mixed with the art and business of motion pictures.  Some acting families have made a brief appearance in the movies and are forgotten while others like The Barrymores remain popular – whether by truth or legend – generation after generation.

ForeignA Foreign Affair

Hollywood would not have been Hollywood without the talent of foreigners who came to call her their own.  From countries the world over foreign talents added a distinct and unforgettable flavor to countless classic movies.




It’s been a whirlwind few days and submissions are still arriving.  As has been the case in the past with the Classic Movie History Project the quality of entries prove this is something special with bloggers going the extra mile to highlight topics and people who don’t get much attention otherwise.  I am once again a much more informed classic movie fan after the History Project concludes.  On behalf of my co-hosts Fritzi of Movies Silently and Ruth of Silver Screenings I must extend a sincere thank you to all of the participants.  And another thanks goes to those two wonderful bloggers who for some reason asked me to join them in this endeavor.

Before we proceed be sure to visit the entries from the previous five days:

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Entries Day 6

Prince of Hollywood – The Fairbanks Legacy: Fides Conatus et Fidelitas 

Silents and Talkies – John, Juliet and Hayley Mills

Classic Film Observations & Obsessions – The Carey Family in the John Ford Western Universe

Critica Retro – Alberto Cavalcanti: Brazilian by birth, citizen of the world through the movies

Font and Frock – The Emancipation of Ossi Oswalda: I Don’t Want to Be a Man (1918)

B Noir Detour – Fritz Lang – The Young Sisters

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – Simone Simon – The Fetching Feline


Still to come…

Mildred’s Fatburgers – Hugo Haas and his B-Movie Mantrap oeuvre

The original announcement with the complete roster can be found here.

The entries for this year’s event will also be featured on my Citizen Screen FB page throughout the next couple of weeks.

Until next year…


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