Classic Movie History Project: Day 5 – The Films

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We’re having a barrels o’ fun with Day 5 of the Classic Movie History Project. Today’s essays show a real passion for film history. Enjoy!

Movie Disasters

Sometimes making movies is difficult, whether it’s the bickering between the director and lead actor, or the harsh conditions while filming on location. Then there are the box-office bombs that keep studio executives awake at night. Movie Disasters is a loosely-defined look at Hollywood, uh, “missteps”.


Century Film Project: Intolerance (1916)

“I somewhat reluctantly placed this movie into the ‘Movie Disasters’ category,” writes Century Film Project. “The film is something of a darling of critics and film historians, and…has been seen as important and influential. The question of how, and whether, it ‘bombed’ is a somewhat thorny one.”


Moon in Gemini: The Preventable Box Office Failure of The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Moon in Gemini examines a “famous box office failure”, The Magnificent Ambersons

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