#TCM Summer Under the Stars 2015 – pics and picks

An opportunity to share images of classic stars?  I’M THERE!  And what better guide to follow than TCM’s Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) festival during which the network dedicates each day of the month to a different, classic star.


Mind you this is on the heels of the Summer of Darkness festival, which has been epic both on the film front and due to the Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir course, which offered over 20,000 movie fans the opportunity to learn and interact while enjoying the best films noir ever made.  I can barely catch my breath and it will indeed be a challenge to clear my DVR to prepare for the Stars in August (because that’s tomorrow!)

I gotta get to it so here’s the gallery and my main pick for each day chosen (mostly) from new-to-me offerings.  Rather than these being “picks” from a ‘favorite’ standpoint most are the ones I’m looking forward to seeing for the first time.  You’ll notice that I linked to each individual star’s TCM schedule directly so you can choose your own favorites or make note of the ones you’re most looking forward to.  And let me know!  Film details are available as are biographies of each of the stars on the TCM SUTS site.  I warn that you may need another month just to get through those pages.  They look terrific!

August 1 – Gene Tierney


Pick:  BLACK WIDOW (1954) – Enticing title!

August 2 – Olivia de Havilland


Pick: THE MALE ANIMAL (1942) – terrific cast with Henry Fonda, Joan Leslie and Jack Carson alongside Olivia.

August 3 – Adolph Menjou


Pick: THE GREAT LOVER (1931)

August 4 – Teresa Wright


Pick: THE ACTRESS (1953) – this movie sounds fantastic!  Anthony Perkins’ film debut and based on Ruth Gordon’s fascination with acting.

August 5 – Fred Astaire


Pick: THE GAY DIVORCEE (1934) – I’ve seen all the Astaire offerings, but this is my favorite of his pairings with Ginger Rogers and always a treat.

August 6 – Michael Caine


Pick: THE SWARM (1978) – I can’t resist Irwin Allen disaster movies!

August 7 – Katharine Hepburn


Pick: QUALITY STREET (1937) – the only Kate day entry I haven’t seen and directed by the great, if under appreciated George Stevens!

August 8 – Raymond Massey


Pick: THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (1935) – I’m rather surprised I’ve seen all Massey offerings so I’m going for the one I haven’t seen in quite some time.  Not an easy pick though.

August 9 – Robert Walker


Pick: VENGEANCE VALLEY (1951) – who could resist this title?!

August 10 – Joan Crawford


Pick: THE UNKNOWN (1927) and WEST POINT (1928) – this was a tie because I love Joanie and haven’t seen either.

August 11 – Rex Ingram


Pick: THE GREEN PASTURES (1936) – this co-stars Eddie Anderson – me selling point.

August 12 – Robert Mitchum


Pick: MY FORBIDDEN PAST (1951) – anything that has Mitchum and ‘forbidden’ in it is a must!

August 13 – Ann-Margret


Pick: VIVA LAS VEGAS (1964) – I’ve seen all the movies scheduled on this day so I must go for Ann-Margret’s hot pairing with Elvis.  Of course!  I’ll probably set my DVR to record this entire day, however, to see if I can catch the Roosevelt lobby interview with Ann-Margret conducted by Ben Mankiewicz at this year’s TCMFF.  I’m hoping they’ll air it.  While I was lucky to get a good look at the lovely Ann-Margret that day I was too far to hear any part of the interview.

August 14 – Groucho Marx


Pick: THE STORY OF MANKIND (1957) – this is an entirely irresistible day, but I went with the only new-to-me movie on the schedule.

August 15 – Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.


Pick: UNION DEPOT (1932) – difficult choice for Doug, Jr. day, but this movie’s been on my “to watch” list for some time.

August 16 – Patricia Neal


Pick: THE BREAKING POINT (1950) – I’m particularly happy about Miss Neal day!  She was such a truthful actress and always delivered affecting performances.  This movie pairs her with John Garfield so I’m expecting fireworks!

August 17 – Lee J. Cobb


Pick: MEN OF BOYS TOWN (1941) – Unbelievably I’ve never seen this sequel to BOYS TOWN (1938) so here’s my opportunity.

August 18 – Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh

Pick: ST. MARTIN’S LANE (1938) and 21 DAYS (1940) – another tie, another double new-to-me day!  I’m excited about this one.

August 19 – John Wayne


Pick: THE QUIET MAN (1952) – I’ve seen all entries slated for Duke day so I must recommend this gorgeous classic pairing with Maureen O’Hara.

August 20 – Mae Clark


Pick: PENTHOUSE (1933) and PAROLE GIRL (1933) and THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN (1934) and THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER (1932) – I know I said I’d choose one, but there are four pre-codes I haven’t seen so this will be a busy day for my DVR!

August 21 – Alan Arkin


Pick: Alan Arkin: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival (2015)

August 22 – Marlene Dietrich


Pick: MANPOWER (1941) – Although I’ve seen all the films scheduled on Dietrich day I’m excited to just sit and watch her fabulousness for 24 hours.  I chose this particular movie because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it and a dose of Dietrich with Edward G. Robinson is movie heaven.

August 23 – Debbie Reynolds


My pick: MR. IMPERIUM (1950) – This is the only film I haven’t seen from the Reynolds schedule and it sounds juicy.

August 24 – Warren Oates


Pick: THE RISE AND FALL OF LEGS DIAMOND (1960) – A Budd Boetticher-directed movie about racketeering.  Can’t miss!

August 25 – Virginia Bruce


Pick: DOWNSTAIRS (1932) – there are four new-to-me films scheduled on Virginia Bruce day, but this is the one that sounds like the most fun – a pre-code co-starring John Gilbert and Paul Lukas.

August 26 – Greta Garbo


Pick: THE TEMPTRESS (1926) – co-starring Antonio Moreno this is on e of two silents I haven’t seen on Garbo day, but it’s the one that sounds most tempting.

August 27 – Monty Woolley


Pick: LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN (1937) – Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell to start.  I’m looking forward to this one!

August 28 – Ingrid Bergman


Pick: RAGE IN HEAVEN (1941) – I’m thrilled with this pick!  Ingrid plus Robert Montgomery and George Sanders.  That.Is.All.

August 29 – George C. Scott



August 30 – Gary Cooper


Pick: TODAY WE LIVE (1933) – another pre-code I haven’t seen scheduled during August and this one co-stars Joan Crawford!

August 31 – Shelley Winters


Pick: HE RAN ALL THE WAY (1951) and MY MAN AND I (1952) – I am a fan of this fantastic actress, but you say ‘Shelley Winters’ to me and the first thing that comes to my is bad choices in men.  Poor Shelley rarely got a good guy in the movies!  My Winters picks are new-to-me and co-star John Garfield and Ricardo Montalban respectively.  We’ll see how those relationships work out.

And there you have ’em – a fantastic array of heavy hitters and lesser known talents that are overdue for the spotlight.  I think this is as varied a field as TCM has had in a while.  You have a wide range of decades represented, all genres spotlighted plus grit, laughs, tears, crime and romance.  There’s a lot to look forward to.

One last thing…

The lovely and talented Kristen Lopez will be hosting the ‘Summer Under the Stars’ blogathon this year over at Journeys in Classic Film and the blogging world couldn’t be happier.  This event is fantastic fun so be sure to visit her site throughout August to access submissions on many of the stars and movies featured on TCM.


5 thoughts

  1. Aurora, Iove your site. Nobody could have done a better job. My first week picks are GENE TIERNEY- The Black Widow, Whirlpool, and Close To My Heart ADOLPHE MENJOE-The Hucksters – TERESA WRIGHT- Count The Hours and KATHARINE HEPBURN- Alice Adams. I will go along with your choices for the other stars for the first week. SAPPHIERE

  2. I love your SUTS site. Nobody could have done a better job. My picks for the first week are GENE TIERNEY- Whirlpool, The Black Widow, and Close To My Heart – ADOLPHE MENJOE- The Hucksters -TERESE WRIGHT – Count The Hours – KATHARINE HEPBURN – Alice Adams.  If I skipped a star, your selection was fine with me.    Sapphiere

  3. Joan Crawford on August 10 in UNKNOWN (1927). This one knocks body parts off with a uncomfortable scenario. Guaranteed to stay in your mind for the rest of time a very young and eager Joan is costume jewelry to the platinum master, Lon Chaney. New viewers will be turned on (WHAT???) or turned off (NO WAY!), but either is cinema treasure.

  4. Great run-down and choices. I’m really excited for Summer Under the Stars this year (I’m not always).

    I first saw “The Green Pastures” as a young kid and it had a big influence on my religious attitude. If I get to Heaven and De Lawd doesn’t look like Rex Ingram I shall be sorely disappointed.

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