Celebrating Ann Sheridan, an “Oomph” centennial gallery

“That’s the only thing I ever wanted to be. A good actress. But I suppose I can’t get away from that Ann Sheridan Oomph thing. I wish I could.”


Honoring Ann Sheridan on the 100th anniversary of her birthday. 

First, her rendition of “As Time Goes By”

(click on the images to access the audio)


Then, on comedy radio…

A guest on “The Eddie Cantor Show”


Part of the ensemble in an all-star “The Gulf Screen Guild Show”


In the Screen Guild Theater presentation of “Love is News” co-starring Jack Benny


A guest on “The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Show”


On “The Burns and Allen Show”


(about her time in Hollywood) “There was a certain kind of fantasy, a certain imagination that is not accepted now. The world is too small. Those were glamorous days.”

6 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Vienna. I went with comedy shows only so they’re lots of fun. Martin & Lewis are a bit annoying after a while – you may want to fast forward that one to about the 12:00 mark. 🙂

  1. Hubba hubba! Ann is one of my favorite stars and she and Cagney are one of my favorite screen teams. She was one of a kind – beautiful, funny and so down to earth. Great tribute!

  2. There was a presentation on CBC radio a few weeks ago – still available online – that identified the crucial change/difference in popular music with the arrival of rock n’ roll in the 50s. Previous to that point the songs & music was aimed at young adults (18 – 27), after that it was aimed at teenagers (14 -18). You can see a similar change in how they portrayed females in comparison to the classic stars such a Sheridan. As the the shift went to a younger less mature/sophisticated audience the portrayal of women shifted to women as girls. The allure became less sophisticated. Sheridan is presented as a sophisticated mature sensual woman, not an over-sexed teen trying to act like an adult.

    I think we are still trying to recover from this change in image from mature sensual to adolescent sexual. That is why we now have super thin girlish models and the wreaking ball exhibitionism from a number of the pop stars.

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