TCM Spotlights Mary Astor in March

There are five stages in the life of an actor: Who’s Mary Astor? Get me Mary Astor. Get me a Mary Astor Type. Get me a young Mary Astor. Who’s Mary Astor?”

Well…she was a novelist, penned a frank autobiography and a best-selling memoir, had several failed marriages, suffered from alcoholism, attempted suicide, survived one of the worst divorce scandals of the 1930s and among many other things, was an Academy Award winning actress with a five decades long career.  She is also slated for a month-long tribute on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) as the network’s Star of the Month for March.


As part of the month-long tribute, TCM will spotlight Mary Astor films every Wednesday bringing us forty-eight of her films in total, as well as many details of her interesting life as the month progresses.  Edmund Goulding’s The Great Lie, the film that features Astor’s only Oscar-winning performance (Best Supporting Actress) will kick off the festival.

As intriguing as Mary Astor’s life was I’ve always been fascinated by her extraordinary talent. Hers was a range few other actors could boast delivering performances that evoke lasting images ranging from heart-warming matriarchs to the most duplicitous of murdering dames.  In short, Astor was a wonder, a beauty and a survivor.  On and off-screen. It’s with excitement and curiosity that I look forward to the TCM tribute during which several films I’ve never seen will be shown.  Be sure to tune in and to set your DVRs.  Go to TCM for the complete the schedule. In the meantime, here’s my mini-tribute:

An image gallery:

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And, what actually prompted me to post this humble tribute, Mary Astor on the radio:

From 1940 – Lux Radio Theater’s production of “Trade Winds” starring Errol Flynn, Joan Bennett, Mary Astor and Ralph Bellamy. Presented by Cecil B. DeMille.

From 1943 – Suspense production of “In Fear and Trembling” starring Mary Astor

From 1944 – Inner Sanctum Mysteries production of “The Melody of Death” starring Mary Astor

For more on Astor:

Visit The Self-Styled Siren’s “You Don’t Wanna Know About How Frank She Was:” A Conversation with Marylyn Roh About Her Mother, Mary Astor

And Mary Astor – the stuff that dreams are made of here on Once Upon a Screen

Annex - Astor, Mary_02

6 thoughts

  1. I’ve always thought Mary’s late 1930s-early 1940s hairdo was rather distracting. When she first appears onscreen in any film during that period, I always wonder about her hair: How is it cut? What does it look like when it’s wet? Where does it start and end? How long does it take to style? Did she wear it like that at home?

    Aside from that, I adore Mary Astor. You’re right about her range of talent. She’s equally mesmerizing in “The Big Lie” and “Palm Beach Story”.

    Here’s to the fab Ms Astor!

  2. I’m looking forward to Mary Astor’s turn as SOTM. She was a really versatile actress, and was in so many excellent movies. Nice to see her getting some extra attention on TCM!

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