Dynamic Duos in Classic Film blogathon

Laughs, love, danger and adventure – TIMES TWO!  It’s the Dynamic Duos in Classic Film blogathon!

In a co-host gig with the fabulous Classic Movie Hub (@ClassicMovieHub), Once Upon a Screen (@CitizenScreen) is happy to announce this upcoming blogathon event dedicated to perilous, precarious and/or personable pairs.

Dynamic Duos in Classic Film blogathon

The duos can be…



Professional partners:






Or non-human, for that matter.  But they must be classic – in the traditional sense, which for this event is designated to any film, character, personality, etc. before 1970 in order to stay true to the themes of both host sites.  You can be as creative as you want – any on-screen duo you wish to write about is welcome.

The details:

When:  July 13 – 14

If you are interested in taking part, and we hope you are, please follow these simple steps:

Either via email to either host –

Annmarie @ClassicMovieHub of Classic Movie Hub classicmoviehub@gmail.com

Aurora @CitizenScreen of Once Upon a Screen citizenscreenclassics@gmail.com

Or in the comment section of this post make note of the following:

  • The Name and URL of your blog
  • Your email address
  • Your Twitter tag if you have one
  • Your choice of film/characters/personalities, etc.  (Although all entries are welcome, there are so many wonderful Duos to be discussed, we prefer no repeats)
  • Your post date preference if you have one (either July 13 or 14)
  • AND, please help us promote the event by placing one of the banners included in this post on your site along with a link to the host sites.

More banner choices: (all created by Annmarie, by the way):




We look forward to hearing from all the fabulous classic film bloggers out there in the dark.

One more thing – be on the lookout for many more classic film events this summer.  Stay informed through the new Events Calendar featured at Classic Movie Hub.



Participating Blogs

The Hollywood Revue – Greta Garbo and John Gilbert

Outspoken & Freckled – Nick and Nora Charles

Bogie Film Blog – Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre

Picture Spoilers – Dynamic Duos in Libeled Lady

Stardust – Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck

Caftan Woman – Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear – Martin and Lewis

Movies Silently – Vilma Banky & Ronald Colman in The Winning of Barbara Worth

Greg McCambley on Once Upon a Screen – Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles in The Third Man

Durnmoose Movie Musings – Abbott & Costello (Part 2)

Weird Flix – Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, 50th Anniversary of Beach Party

The Man on the Flying Trapeze — Clark Gable and Jean Harlow, focus on Hold Your Man

The Baz – Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone

Film Flare – Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren

The Jeanette MacDonald Blog – Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy

Be Careful! Your Hand! – Maleficent and her crow Diablo from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Noir and Chick Flicks – Carole Lombard and Cary Grant

The Motion Pictures – Cary Grant and Joan Bennett in Big Brown Eyes and Wedding Present

She Blogged by Night – Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi

Hitless Wonder Movie Blog – Evelyn Ankers and Lon Chaney Jr.

Movie Classics – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Western Comics Adventures – The Lone Ranger & Tonto – Part 3

The Last Drive In – Bette vs. Joan, “Get Back in the Chair Blanche”

The Last Drive In – Bette vs. Joan, “I wouldn’t piss on Joan Crawford if she were on Fire”

Trocadero Baby – Farley Granger and Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train

Frankly My Dear – Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in Too Many GirlsThe Long Long Trailer and Forever Darling

goosepimply allover – Doris Day and Rock Hudson

The Nitrate Diva – Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich

Citizen Screenings – Batman (1966)

Silver Screenings – Bob Hope & Bing Crosby in a “Road” picture

Comet Over Hollywood – Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan

The World’s Funniest Dissertation – Laurel and Hardy

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood – Thelma Ritter and Connie Gilchrist

Cinemalacrum – Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Godard’s Breathless

Viv and Larry — Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier (on-screen and off-screen)

Cinematic Catharsis – Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula

Terrible Movies – Godzilla and Mothra

We Recycle Movies – Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

Critica Retro – Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp film depictions

Silver Scenes – Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson

Hero Histories – The Lone Ranger & Tonto – film incarnations – Part 1

Secret Sanctum of Captain Video – The Lone Ranger & Tonto – Part 2

The Joy and Agony of Movies – Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

Furious Cinema – Lemmon and Matthau in The Odd Couple

Lindsay’s Movie Musings – Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda’s friendship

The Great Katharine Hepburn – Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant

Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions – Charlie Chaplin and Claire Bloom in Limelight

The Stop Button – Lon Chaney Jr and Bela Lugosi

The Vintage Cameo – Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra

Virtual Virago – Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

Shadows and Satin – Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake

Krell Laboratories – Special Japanese legends Pairings

Wide Screen World – Tom and Jerry

Durnmoose Movie Musings – Abbott & Costello (Part 1)

Maegan hosted on Citizen Screenings – Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Classic Movie Hub – Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont

Once Upon a Screen – Crawford and Gable

99 thoughts

    1. WELL!! Hope that means you’ll be submitting AT LEAST one post! 😉

      It is a fun topic, I must say! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.


      1. Oy… Do I have a lot on my plate you shouldn’t know from it darling. It would be fabulous to dive in and stake my claim, and god knows I’ve written a lot already about Crawford and Davis in Baby Jane… Or de Havilland and Davis in Sweet Charlotte, hhm- an Aldrich double bill. But can I pull it off by July!!!!

        1. you can and it would be great but no pressure! 😉 Seriously, If you’re able to then just send it in.

          I’m holding my breath until I hear from you – but again, no pressure.


          1. What’s your favorite shade of blue? We’ll wait til you turn that color and then I’ll let you know… (she chuckles with sardonic glee) But you are Blanche, You are in that chair!

    1. OH MAN! See! What a freakin’ fabulous duo choice! Excuse my French with “freakin'”!

      Thanks – can’t wait to read that!


  1. Another great idea for a blogathon. I don’t know at this point if I can contribute anything, but I certainly will publicize as a best I can. All the best to you two on this project :-).

  2. The Name and URL of your blog: Caftan Woman http://caftanwoman.blogspot.ca/
    Your email address: misspaddylee@yahoo.ca
    Your Twitter tag if you have one: @CaftanWoman
    Your choice of film/characters/personalities, etc.: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
    Your post date preference if you have one: July 14th, please
    AND, please help us promote the event by placing one of the banners included in this post on your site along with a link to the host sites: Sure thing!

    1. YES YOU MAY! 😀 Great choice Jessica! I have to say, I really look forward to your post – one actor I am not crazy about and the other I adore in your choice of duos.


    1. It’s a nightmare to pick one! I haven’t settled on one yet! And we couldn’t choose which banner to exclude – hence so many! By the way – love your blog!!

      Can’t wait to see what you choose.


        1. Thanks, Constance! Excellent couple to comment on for this event! Can’t wait to hear from your sister too. So exciting!


          PS – I haven’t decided on my duo either. SOO many great ones to consider.

  3. Holy cow! I have a series like this in my blog, but so far only wrote about Toshiro Mifune and Akira Kurosawa. So, I’ll ressurrect this series by writing about Lillian Gish and D. Wl. Griffith for July 13th and the characters based in real people Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp in the several films about them for July 14th.
    My e-mail is le_mag_pereira@yahoo.com.br and I’m @startspreading on twitter.

  4. Are two days going to be enough time! Such a great theme.
    Will put a banner on my blog .
    Thinking about Cary Grant and Jean Arthur – comedy and drama

    Vienna’s classic Hollywood

    1. I know! We’ll probably promote it for a week after, which is great! WONDERFUL choice! Can’t wait to read that. 😀 I still haven’t narrowed down my own choice.


  5. Hey there! Marvelous idea, count me in! I would like to cover the screen team that was MGM’s top box office draw in the 20’s. Nope, not Garbo and Gilbert… Vilma Banky and Ronald Colman! Paired 5 times from 1925 to 1928. I would like to contribute a review of “The Winning of Barbara Worth” which also features a baby Gary Cooper in the bargain!

    1. WOOT! Can’t wait! Thanks so much for taking part and I never even heard of that film – can’t tell you how much about the silents I learn from your blog. SERIOUSLY!


  6. Oh, what a great way to get back to my blogging… Sorry I’ve been away much too long. Will let you know who and what soon. Hugs!


    1. Have thought about you, Tonya!! Hope all is OK! Missed you ’round here and on twitter. So wonderful you’re thinking about joining in with us in this. Goosepimply allover has also been miseed!



      1. Thanks bunches! I’ve so missed you all too. All’s well, just busy. Guess that’s a good thing 🙂 But, I need to get back into the fold. Still thinking on my duo. So many great ones to choose…

    1. We intended only on-screen Duos so I’ll note you for Bugs and Daffy. A pair I adore. Wonderful choice!

      Thanks so much for taking part!


    1. Hi! So great you want to contribute to this. Only thing is that Rocky Horror is past the 1970 year for “classics”. I love that movie & the duo you chose but to be fair – I’ve already advised others to change. :-/


      1. Oh, sorry, I just read your comment. Hope that it’s not too late yet. Can I take Charlie Chaplin and Claire Bloom in Limelight?

  7. Haven’t done one of these before, but this looks like a great one to start with. Love the idea!

    Here’s my basic info:
    Name and url of my blog: Durnmoose Movie Musings http://durnmoosemovies.wordpress.com/
    Email: durnmoosemovies@gmail.com
    As far as choice of duo, I’d like to do Abbott and Costello. Obviously, they did so much together, that that’s pretty broad, so I was thinking about two posts, one for each day, the first focusing on their various “meetings” with other universal characters (“… Meet Frankenstein”, “…Meet the Mummy”, etc.) and the other on some of their other more “comedy/mystery” type films (“Hold That Ghost” and the like).

    Let me know if that works.

    1. That works perfectly! I’m thrilled you chose Abbott & Costello and that you’ll be covering their work so thoroughly. I grew up watching them so this is a personal favorite team! Welcome aboard!!


      1. Yeah, I grew up with A&C too, and they’ve always been favorites. Unfortunately, of course, most people who know them today generally only know them for “Who’s on First” or maybe “…Meet Frankenstein”, but they really did so much more, and I love any chance to spread the word. (As a matter of fact, if you’re a fan, you might want to take a look at this post I did a while back, pairing one of their flicks and another classic film with the then-current “Jack the Giant Slayer”: http://durnmoosemovies.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/saturday-double-feature-jack-the-giant-slayer-2013-and/ )

    2. I agree – spreading the word is what it’s all about. I did an A&B Meet Frankenstein post last year. LOVE the stuff. I’ll go take a look at your post as well. Can’t wait for this.

      1. Hmmm… I’ll definitely have to take a look at the Frankenstein post you did. Also hope that it’s cool that I made a slight alteration to one of the banners when I put it up on the blog. :->

        1. Hi Michael – let me know what you think about that post. Normally the banners are not changed but I’ve no problem with it. We couldn’t possibly make one for each duo but A&B are essentials.


  8. What a tremendously fun idea for a blogathon! I’d really love to take part and write about Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich, if that sounds good to you!

      1. I think I’m going to do Kurosawa and Mifune (possibly with a side trip to Kihachi Okamoto, with whom Mifune made 11 films, Hiroshi Inagaki, with whom Mifune made 23 movies, and Takashi Shimura, with whom Kurosawa made 22 films).

  9. I’d like to join! It would be great if I could write about Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren (only focusing on the films they made in the 50s and 60s of course). Is that okay?

  10. Hi ladies–I’d love to play too!

    The Vintage Cameo (thevintagecameo.com)

    I’m mostly musical-focused, so may I claim the fine pairing of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra? (Though I’m surprised nobody has snapped up Fred & Ginger already… too obvious? 🙂 )

    Either date is fine, whichever you need more.


    1. Hi Em! You got Gene and Frank! I’m surprised about Fred and Ginger too but I think most people assumed they’d go early and chose something else. It’s gonna be hoot if they’re not chosen!

      I’m thrilled you joined in and can’t wait to read your post. I’m a huge musicals fan as well.


  11. Could I please change my duo to Thelma Ritter and Connie Gilchrist? Thanks. Hope you agree they are dynamite even in just one film.

    Vienna’s Classic Hollywood

  12. Since a new film featuring them will be coming out at the same time, RetroBlogs™ will do The Lone Ranger & Tonto in their various incarnations.
    And, to make it more interesting, it’ll be cross-posted on three of our blogs,
    July 13th
    Part 1 at Hero Histories™
    Part 2 at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™
    July 14th
    Part 3 at Western Comics Adventures™ (where July is Lone Ranger & Tonto month)

  13. My bad for not posting the links, sorry about that…
    Since a new film featuring them will be coming out at the same time, RetroBlogs™ will do The Lone Ranger & Tonto in their various incarnations.
    And, to make it more interesting, it’ll be cross-posted on three of our blogs,
    July 13th
    Part 1 at Hero Histories™
    Part 2 at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™
    July 14th
    Part 3 at Western Comics Adventures™ (where July is Lone Ranger & Tonto month)

    1. Hi! Hope you get this. Trying to find your email address but see it on neither of your sites. Want to send you an email update with blogathon information.



  14. Can I write about Fred and Ginger on July 14… if they really haven’t been snapped up yet, that is?

    Movie Classics
    Twitter handle – MovieClassicsWP

    And yep, I’ll dance off with their banner…

    1. 😀 My pleasure!! Would you mind including a mention to the blogathon? I’m adding you to the list on the mega post. I’m glad you got this in – a wonderfully talented pair!


  15. Thanks again for all your hard work putting this together and promoting it. It was an honor to participate.

    Best wishes always.

    1. Thank YOU, Ray for taking part. I’ve yet to complete reading all the posts and commenting but can’t wait to get through them all. Fascinating choices and the only reason the event was fun is because of all of you taking the time to join in.

      I hope we keep in touch, by the way. Classic film lovers have to stick together. 😉


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