Announcement: Fay Wray and Robert Riskin, The Blogathon

February 26, 2019 marks the release of a must-read dual Hollywood biography and we are celebrating with a special blogathon. Commemorating the lives and careers of one of classic Hollywood’s greatest stars and one of its most memorable screenwriters, Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir promises an enlightening recounting of a romantic, historical encounter. Written by the couple’s daughter, Victoria Riskin, the memoir tells the tales of Wray’s and Riskin’s work, their fairytale marriage, and an essential story of Hollywood.

To celebrate the release of Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir, I have joined forces with Classic Movie Hub for this blogathon event scheduled for the week of the book’s release. You will have no problem choosing a movie or topic. Fay Wray starred in over 120 pictures and opposite Hollywood’s biggest stars – and I don’t mean just a big ape.

Robert Riskin was an Academy Award winning writer with five nominations, a producer, and enjoyed legendary collaborations most notably with Frank Capra with whom he made ten pictures. Riskin’s credits include such notables as It Happened One Night (1934), Lost Horizon (1937), and You Can’t Take It With You (1938). Take a look at a list of Robert Riskin’s cinema accomplishments here.

Now to the fun part. On Saturday, March 2 and on Sunday, March 3 you can submit your entries on either Fay Wray’s or Robert Riskin’s filmographies. One of each would be fun too. Annmarie of Classic Movie Hub and I will take turns hosting and promoting your entries across social media. For your efforts, you will be entered to win one of two signed copies of Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir. From what I hear, Victoria Riskin may well be visiting the entries that weekend. This will be fun! We hope you join us.

Blogathon Details

Let Classic Movie Hub or myself know which movie/topic you are interested in blogging about. The best way to do that is to leave a comment on either announcement post. Since Fay Wray and Robert Riskin had such impressive careers, we will not accept duplicates. A few more reminders are…

  • Include the title and link to your blog in the comments area
  • Advise if you have a date preference – Saturday, March 2 or Sunday, March 3
  • Include the event banner on your blog and in the entry post to help us promote the event.
  • Spread the word. Help us make this a resounding success!

Annmarie and I look forward to hearing from you and to reading your entries.


Participating Blogs and Chosen Topics

Love Letters to Old Hollywood – Small Town Girl (1953)

Love Letters to Old Hollywood – Magic Town (1947)

Carole and Co. – Robert Riskin and Virtue (1932)

Carole and Co. – The Wedding March (1928)

The Hitless Wonder – The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

Silver Screenings – The Clairvoyant (1935)

Caftan Woman – The Careers of Riskin and Wray in 1934 with focus on Broadway Bill and Black Moon

Movie Movie Blog Blog II – King Kong and It Happened One Night Double Feature

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – The Cobweb (1955)

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies – The Richest Girl in the World (1934)

The Story Enthusiast – Platinum Blonde (1931)

The Stop Button – It Happened in Hollywood (1937)

Classic Film Journal – Lost Horizon (1937)

Classic Film Journal – Doxtor X (1932)

Watching Forever – Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

Critica Retro – Capra-Riskin Partnership

Sister Celluloid – The Miracle Woman (1931)

Once Upon a ScreenThe Most Dangerous Game (1932)

Once Upon a ScreenThe Thin Man Goes Home (1944)


52 thoughts

  1. What a great blogathon topic! I’m going to get slightly ambitious here… Could I please cover Small Town Girl (1953) for Wray and Magic Town (1947) for Riskin? My blog is

  2. Would like to write about Riskin and the 1932 Carole Lombard film “Virtue.” From a Wray perspective (I’m certain Fày and Carole knew each other, though I don’t know if they ever “battled” for roles), I’d like to write about “The Wedding March.”

  3. This is Dan from The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog ( I’d love to cover “The Mystery of the Wax Museum”.

  4. Aurora! What a fab idea! A wonderful tribute to the book and this talented couple.

    I don’t wish to be entered for an autographed copy of the book, but I would love to do “The Clairvoyant” (1935) for the blogathon.

  5. I wasn’t able to complete most blogathon entries last year and the two years before that, because I was studying and was flooded with assignments most of the time. This year I’m finished my studies and I can return to blogging once again. If its alright, I’d like to do “The Cobweb” ( 1955 ). Thanks.

    1. Hello Andrew – My blog crashed and I was unable to access the list. Turns out someone else also chose The Richest Girl in the World. I don’t mind if you don’t, but only fair to let you know. This mix-up is on me. Let me know.

      Thank you!


  6. Hi, Aurora! I’d like to write about the Frank Capra / Robert Riskin partnership.
    Le from Critica Retro

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