Happy Vintage Mother’s Day

For all mothers, a classic potpourri.



A gallery of mothers – good, bad, indifferent – real and conceived.

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George Olsen Orchestra – “Mother” 1920s


William Robyn – “I’m in Heaven When I’m in My Mother’s Arms” 1920s.

Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman – “Your Mother And Mine” 1929

Movie Theater Intermissions – Mother’s Day Promotion (1934)

Carmen Miranda – “Mama eu quero” 1940

Made It ma! top of the world!


Judy and Liza “Together Wherever we Go”

Honoring all moms in the military, from WWII the “Rose the Riveter” song

“My mother, a waitress!” scene from Mildred Pierce

Mommy – Motherhood in old Hollywood

This is a lovely video made by my friend Karin Mustvedt-Plüss in honor of classic Hollywood and Mother’s Day.

I just had to end this ode to mom with this sweet moment…

“We’re having a baby, my baby and me….”



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    1. HAHA!! To show you the extent of my illness, I actually deleted some thinking it would be too much. LOL! Can’t get enough of old stuff.


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