Mother’s Day gems on Old-Time Radio

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

A warm fire and the family gathered together listening to old-time radio shows seems like a perfect Mother’s Day to me.  Enjoy this set of old-time radio shows for a cozy afternoon or as you travel to and fro.



From October 1937, the Lux Radio Theater production of “Stella Dallas” starring Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Ann Shirley and Barbara O’Neill.


From 1940, the Lux Radio Theater production of “Bachelor Mother” starring Ginger Rogers and Fredric March.



An Aldrich Family Mother’s Day Double Feature:




The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show from May 8, 1949 – “Mother’s Day Present”

The Jack Benny Program from May 14, 1950 – Mother’s Day Gags with guest Vivian Blaine


Our Miss Brooks from May 13, 1951 – “Mrs. Davis’ Mother’s Day Millinery”

For more classic Mother’s Day tributes visit “Happy Vintage Mother’s Day” – songs, songs, songs!


Ideas for pampering mothers…


What never to give as a gift even if Yvonne says so…



Enjoy your day!

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