WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon – Day Two

BREAKING: People are turning off the negativity and putting holiday preparations aside this weekend to make way for the characters! It’s thrilling news as sidekicks parade across the blogosphere. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else.

I’m thrilled to be hosting Day Two of the 2018 What A Character! Blogathon. This is the seventh consecutive year that I co-host this tribute to character actors and the excitement has multiplied. As you probably know my co-hosts are Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled who kicked things off with the Day one posts and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club who hosts the third and final day tomorrow. We have lots of fun and informative posts to share so sit back and enjoy.

If you want a refresher on the back story for the What a Character! Blogathon take a look at the Announcement post, which includes the entire list of participants and chosen character actors. Otherwise, prepare to be dazzled by the passion and admiration that permeate each entry in what is now a staple of our moving loving lives. This is for them and for you…WHAT A CHARACTER!

  • To borrow this blogger’s words, I kick off Day Two of the 2018 blogathon with a post that makes our event a much richer, more compelling experience. Here is Jo with the doubly delicious serving of Sassy Sisterhood: Eileen Heckart & Louise Latham.


  • Next up is an important entry that tells the story that needs to be told and sets the record straight. You must visit Marsha and learn all about the trials and tribulations of Typecast victims, Boris and Natasha.




  • Film lover Maddy couldn’t resist submitting a second entry to this event. This time she focuses on the versatile Marius Goring, an actor who commands your attention.


  • You must take a stroll down The Old Hollywood Garden for this visit with the toughest, baddest, most terrifying of them all. Charles McGraw makes an appearance you’ll never forget.


  • There are no small moments or small parts for the likes of Verna Felton. So says Toni at Watching Forever as she takes us on a journey through the career of this warm and distinctive actor.


  • Dubsism takes on the prodigious and well-respected George Kennedy, who does the heavy-lifting in most of his films.



  • Amanda at Old Hollywood Films dedicates this entry to the legend of werewolf lore known for her amazing stamina and unrivaled dedication to her craft, Maria Ouspenskaya.
Maria Ouspenskaya (1942)


  • Classic Film Observer, Jocelyn, discusses the collaboration between prolific character actor Anthony Caruso and Alan Ladd. It’s a fascinating story and a must read contribution.



That is some line-up!

I must end this with a special thank you to all of the bloggers who are participating in this year’s event for telling us the stories, for your enthusiasm, and for sharing your love of movies. You’re swell! A thank you must also go to TCM…for the inspiration.

Don’t forget to visit Paula’s Cinema Club tomorrow for more posts with character.

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  1. May I put in a word for Margaret Wycherly who memorably played two very different mothers in ‘Sergeant York’ and ‘White Heat’?

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