Vincent Price on SUSPENSE!

This weekend I went to the Chiller Theatre Expo and had a fantastic time meeting a few celebrities. Among them was Vincent Price‘s daughter, Victoria who was as nice as can be. She resembles her father physically and I imagine in personality as I have never read a negative word about Mr. Price by co-stars or fans. Price is one of the most beloved actors to ever grace our screens.

Also at this time, I happen to be listening to Victoria Price’s book about her father, Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography, an intimate portrait that I am enjoying immensely. Audio books are not my preferred method of learning about my favorite movie stars, but I’d purchased this one for a road trip that never happened and figured it’s perfect listening for October when many of us think of Vincent Price as the Merchant of Menace with a special gift for the macabre.

I mentioned to Victoria Price how much I enjoy her father’s radio shows and the reaction was a great, big smile. I do not need to tell you about his extraordinary voice, that rich gift of ceremonial oration that delights as much as it chills. It should be no surprise that Vincent Price had a long and distinguished career on radio. I loved reading how much he enjoyed performing on the medium, which brought together his love of the stage as well as the movies. So, without further ado I bring you Price on SUSPENSE! Listen if you dare (Vincent Price laugh).

“The horror thriller offers the serious actor unique opportunities to test his ability to make the unbelievable believable.” – Vincent Price


Price on SUSPENSE!

  • From June 1, 1944 here’s an episode of Suspense in which Price co-stars with Ida Lupino. The episode is titled, “Fugue in C Minor”



  • From April 11, 1946 here’s Price in “The Name of the Beast”



  • From December 2, 1948 this is the Suspense production of “The Hands of Mr. Ottermole” starring Claude Rains and Vincent Price



  • From November 11, 1956 “Three Skeleton Key”




  • From March 3, 1957 “Present Tense”



  • From June 9, 1957 “The Green and Gold String”



  • From November 10, 1957 “The Pit and the Pendulum”



  • Finally, from July 19, 1959 “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”



  • From May 6, 1950 an episode of The Philip Morris Playhouse featuring Vincent Price in “Murder Needs an Artist”

10 thoughts

  1. These are wonderful. I love the story of Mr. Ottermole. It’s an episode of Alfred Hitchcock, but I am excited to listen to the radio version with Claude Rains (another favorite) and our beloved Vincent Price! These are a treat that Wendy and I will listen to this Halloween! thanks for posting these…..!

  2. Vincent Price was a master! His radio work is tremendous! He was able to convey things with his voice that amaze me to this day. His work on Suspense was always some of my favorite shows. His work as The Saint on radio was also spectacular.

    It must have been very neat to sit and chat with his daughter. I have been a fan of his radio, TV and movie work for sometime! As sinister and creepy as he could be in some roles, he was a true actor in that he could handle other roles and make them unique as well (i.e. Egghead on Batman). Thanks for posting these shows!!

  3. I was also able to meet Victoria earlier this year when she came to my college’s campus — what a delightful woman. I was thrilled to tell her how much I loved her father, and she was extremely kind meeting with other fans. I actually interviewed her and wrote up a piece about Vincent, if you’re interested:

    Thanks for gathering these radio shows, too! Price had such a great voice and he used it so, so beautifully. Halloween may be over, but I’ll be listening to these over the weekend for sure!

  4. I love Suspense! It’s a yearly tradition to listen to them around the campfire while tent camping in the Adirondacks. So much fun and I love the commercials too.

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