Friday Foto Follies: Premiere – Ziegfeld

This is the launch of a series on Once Upon a Screen that will serve as entertainment in its simplest form – images.  If you’ve visited this blog before you know how much I love them.  There will be no rhyme or reason for the topics chosen for each post in the Follies series to be published every Friday.  All I can say is each will be classic eye candy, galleries galore and follies of fotos.

To kick off the “Friday Foto Follies” series here’s a pictorial tribute to the Ziegfeld Follies, which birthed many a future movie star since it was first mounted in 1907.

The Anna Held Girls in the 1907 Follies
The Anna Held Girls in the 1907 Follies

Vintage Follies:

4 thoughts

  1. Aurora, I’m with you on images. Any excuse!
    Love your Follies gallery. Didn’t know Tallulah had been in the Follies. Must have been 40s or 50s as Carol Haney is listed in the cast.
    The image for sheet music of ‘I can’t get started’ is stunning.
    Nice too to see Ruth Etting and Helen Morgan side by side.

    1. Any excuse, indeed! A regular, weekly post will get it out of my system. 😉 I’m glad you liked this, Vienna. I love the “I Can’t Get Started” image myself. Such fun!!


  2. Excellent as usual, Aurora. Loved that you included Stanwyck there (whom I knew was a Ziegfeld Girl). I didn’t know that Bankhead, Brooks, or Goddard were Ziegfeld Girls too.


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