Friday Foto Follies: Bob Fosse

Choreographer, dancer, author and director Bob Fosse would have celebrated a birthday today. Born in Chicago on June 23, 1927, Fosse became an award-winning legend whose style is recognizable even by people like me. It’s time to dedicate a humble Follies entry to a memorable artist whose work continues to entertain and inspire.

“Live like you’ll die tomorrow, work like you don’t need the money and dance like nobody’s watching.”Bob Fosse 



I have to mention Bob Fosse’s wife and muse, Gwen Verdon, who is included in several of the above images and the site dedicated to them by their daughter, Nicole Fosse. Playbill called Fosse and Verdon, “Broadway’s Groundbreaking Couple” in a post announcing the then new website. Be sure to visit The Verdon Fosse Legacy. 


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