getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon

Now that September has arrived I will be updating this post periodically as submissions to the getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon come in.  Following is a list a participants so far, but there’s still plenty of time to throw your Rooney hat in the ring.  You can submit a blog post (or several) dedicated to Mickey Rooney – on his life, career, television work or a particular film – you can do so by submitting the entry to any one of the event hosts throughout the month.

Aurora of Once Upon a Screen and Twitter @CitizenScreen

Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled and Twitter @IrishJayHawk66

Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club and Twitter @Paula_Guthat

We ask only that you please do the following:

  • Leave us a comment or send us a Tweet with your preferred Rooney topic
  • Let us know when you post your entry so we can promote it
  • Please copy @getTV on all tweets related to this event
  • Include the blogathon banner provided by getTV in your post as well as the following statement:

“This post is part of The getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon hosted by Once Upon a Screen, Outspoken & Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club taking place throughout the month of September.  Please visit the getTV schedule for details on Rooney screenings throughout the month and any of the host sites for a complete list of entries.”



OPERATION MAD BALL (1957) – Once Upon a Screen

THE ATOMIC KID (1954) vs BABY FACE NELSON (1957) – Jack Deth on Paula’s Cinema Club

ALL ASHORE (1953) – Vintage Cameo

BABES ON BROADWAY (1941) – The Hollywood Review of 2014

STRIKE UP THE BAND (1940) – (This) Girl Friday

“The Comedian” on “Playhouse 90″ in 1957 – Caftan Woman

KILLER MCCOY (1947) – Another Old Movie Blog

PULP (1972) – Paula’s Cinema Club

Andy Hardy Grew! – Critica Retro

HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI (1965) –  Blog of the Darned

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961) – Girls Do Film

IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963) – Maegan on Citizen Screenings

The Unexpected Ascend to Manhood – Classic Movie Hub

THE BLACK STALLION (1979) – Outspoken & Freckled

BOYS TOWN (1938) – Classic Movie Hub

Mickey Rooney at Disney – Margaret Perry

MY PAL, THE KING – Sister Celluloid



This past April the world lost Mickey Rooney, an entertainer whose career spanned an unbelievable nine decades.  Born in Brooklyn New York on September 23, 1920, Rooney was on the Vaudeville stage almost before he could talk and appeared in his first movie at the age of six.  From there the movies became his life.  With sidesteps into radio and television Mickey Rooney maintained an enviable relationship with audiences for nearly the entire span of his life.

“The audience and I are friends.  They allowed me to grow up with them.  I’ve let them down several times.  They’ve let me down several times.  But we’re all family.”

Mickey Rooney would have celebrated his 94th birthday this September and in tribute getTV is dedicating a substantial portion of the month’s programming to him.  Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled (@IrishJayHawk66), Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club (@Paula_Guthat) and I, Aurora of Once Upon a Screen (@CitizenScreen) are thrilled to join forces with getTV for their first ever blogathon collaboration to celebrate Rooney’s career with The getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon running the entire month of September.


In case you’re not familiar, here’s all About getTV

getTV is a digital subchannel available over the air and on local cable systems dedicated to showcasing Hollywood’s legendary movies. The network, operated by Sony Pictures Television Networks, launched in February 2014.  It features Academy Award® winning films and other epic classics titles. getTV distribution is close to covering nearly 70 percent of all U.S. television households across 65 markets, including 40 of the top 50 designated market areas (DMAs). The network is broadcast by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Univision Television Group and Cox Media Group owned stations and others. For information, visit getTV and connect with the network on Facebook and Twitter @getTV.

getTV’s programming in September will include a Labor Day Marathon dedicated to Mickey Rooney as well as themed double features every Thursday at 7 PM EST, as follows:

Thursday, September 4 – Nautical Musicals

Richard Quine’s SOUND OFF, 1952: 7:00 PM ET; 10:40 PM ET

Richard Quine’s ALL ASHORE, 1953: 8:50 PM ET; 12:30 AM ET

Thursday, September 11 – Crime Tales

Peter Godfrey’s HE’S A COCKEYED WONDER, 1950: 7:00 PM ET; 10:40 PM ET

Richard Quine’s DRIVE A CROOKED ROAD, 1954:  8:45 PM ET; 12:25 AM ET

Thursday, September 18 – Military Comedy

Don Taylor’s EVERYTHING’S DUCKY, 1961:  7:00 PM ET; 11:10 PM ET

Richard Quine’s OPERATION MAD BALL, 1957: 8:50 PM ET; 1:00 AM ET

Thursday, September 25 – Young and Older Mickey

Roy William Neill’s BLIND DATE, 1934:  7:00 PM ET; 12:20 AM ET

Carl Reiner’s THE COMIC, 1969: 8:35 PM ET; 12:20 AM ET

You can access the entire getTV schedule here and check to see if getTV is available in your area here.


  • Have fun!

Thank you!

24 thoughts

      1. Hhm…tempting. Have you seen his performance in the episode of The Naked City Oofdas Goofdas? Unbelievable! That’s what I would write about… Yet another great blogathon theme!

  1. Hi ladies! How fun—I am rapidly growing dependent on getTV’s programming and would love to participate! I can’t say no to a sailors-on-leave musical… has ALL ASHORE been claimed yet?

    1. I’m adding you to the list right away and can’t wait to read your write-up! Feel free to submit as many as you want throughout the month. Simply let us know approximately when you plan to publish and then when it’s up so we can promote it. 🙂


  2. Hello! I am so delighted to hear about this tribute for Mickey!

    I would love to join your blogathon for Mickey Rooney, if possible.

    I have created a special post for Mickey’s Christmas movie: Love Finds Andy Hardy. I will be posting it on my site on September 23, in honor of Mickey’s birthday.

    Please let me know if I may join in and I will add the blogathon banner to my post! Thank you, Net

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