Celebrating #NationalClassicMovieDay

Since May 16th is the official day to celebrate classic movies or “National Classic Movie Day” as today has been designated I thought I’d post a reminder to you with ideas of how you can celebrate…

  1. Visit this year’s #NationalClassicMovieDay dedicated event, the 5 Movies on an Island Blogathon hosted by Rick at the Classic Film and TV Cafe.  The entries are so much fun to read you’ll wish you were stranded on an island yourself.
  2. Recommend a classic movie to at least one person.
  3. Watch a classic movie with your family and/or friends.
  4. Follow #NationalClassicMovieDay across social media to see how others are commemorating the day.
  5. Enjoy the following tributes and #PayClassicsForward

So you’re aware I’m really proud of my efforts for #NationalClassicMovieDay…

First – I am treating my cousin, Sergia Flores and life-long friend, Josi Easter to Chaplin’s City Lights (1931) with musical accompaniment by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Lincoln Center on Thursday.  That’s my way of introducing two people who are special to me to a classic and I’m beyond excited for them to see that wonderful movie.  A sincere THANKS to both of them for indulging my obsession.

Next – I’m particularly excited to share the following special entry of Classic Movies and More because I practically created it myself.  Practically.  This is a special treat for #NationalClassicMovieDay and I hope you enjoy it…

Finally – because you know how much I love pictorials – I put together some classic movie titles to represent all of the movies that mean so much to so many of us.  A tip of the hat to all who love these movies as much as I do – the ones I’ve met in person and those I’ve “met” online thanks to this blog.  This is our day.




12 thoughts

  1. Whoa! Those ARE a lot of steps! It looks like a lots of steps in the film, but not quite that many. (Loved how you filmed that.)

    Great photo collection, too. I think all my faves are mentioned here. Happy #ClassicMovieDay!

    1. Thanks, Ruth. The steps are indeed a lot more than I expected. I was surprised also by how narrow they are. I actually taped myself talking while walking down and I mentioned several times that they were a lot wider in the movie. In actuality they’re not, but because homes were built immediately adjacent to them they look narrower.


  2. Shiver me timbers! ( to quote one of your titles), I loved your marathon list of titles and the studio logos. Fabulous!

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