Announcement: Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon 2015

Please visit th newly created, official Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon post to access the fabulous submissions.

Hispanic Heritage Month, whose roots go back to 1968, begins each year on September 15 and ends on October 15.  In celebration I am reprising the Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon to commemorate the imprint Hispanics have made on Hollywood.  I’m excited to continue with what I hope will be a yearly event that spotlights unfamiliar or all-too-often forgotten Hollywood players and movies.

Hollywood's Hispanic Heritage Blogathon 2

You may remember that Kay of Movie Star Makeover co-hosted this event with me last year.  I’m sad to say she is unable to fulfill hosting duties this year so I am going it alone and hope that she is at least able to participate.  It wouldn’t be the same without her.

Last year’s event proved both enriching and entertaining and I’m hoping to top that.  Here are a few topic guidelines…


I welcome posts celebrating Hispanic Heritage in Hollywood that focus on actors, filmmakers or films that celebrate, depict or examine aspects of Hispanic culture.  Or, you may also choose to discuss the treatment of a Hispanic Hollywood player or players in general on-screen or behind the scenes.  The possibilities are endless.  While this blogathon’s focus is primarily “classic” Hollywood cinema, I recognize the impact Hispanics are making in films today so if you’re burning to write about a contemporary Latin American actor, filmmaker or film, that’s fine, too.  No year limit will be set.  Ditto if you wish to examine the legacy of Mexican or Spanish cinema and the like.  As was the case last year this event maintains a good neighbor policy!  Let me know if you need some suggestions.

Chosen topics and participating blogs will be listed at the end of this post and updated daily.

Date:  October 12, 2015 (El Dia de La Raza)


  • I’m hoping for as wide a list of topics as possible, but will not limit multiple posts about the same actor, film or subject since everyone’s take is different.
  • Please enter your topic of choice in the comments section of this post.  This announcement will serve as the base for topic submissions.  Now that we have such a variety of social media platforms it’s easy to lose track.
  • Including your blog’s title would be most helpful to ensure I get them all correct.  A link is even better!
  • All posts should be previously unpublished.
  • Please include links to this blogathon and the event banner in your entry.  Since I was left to my own devices I came up with two decent banners and two…not so much.  Hey – I tried.  Any and all promotion of this event would be greatly appreciated.

Bienvenidos y gracias, amigos!


Second-rate banners to use at your discretion:

Hollywood's Hispanic Heritage Blogathon 1

Banner 3

banner antonio

Chosen Topics and Participating Blogs:

Spanish DRACULA – The Stop Button

The Conga Line – Once Upon a Screen

Dolores Del Rio in RAMONA – Outspoken & Freckled

El Santo in SANTO VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN – Wide Screen World

BORDER INCIDENT – Old Hollywood Films

Antonio Moreno in JOHN RANCE, GENTLEMAN – Movies, Silently

Jose Iturbi in Hollywood – Sarah, guest post on Once Upon a Screen

Rita Moreno – A Shroud of Thoughts

ZOOT SUIT – Serendipitous Anachronisms

Myrtle Gonzalez and Beatriz Michelena – Critica Retro

Dolores Del Rio in LA OTRA – CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch

Cesar Romero – Out of the Past

Maria Montez in THE MYSTERY OF MARIE ROGET – The Last Drive-In

Katy Jurado – B Noir Detour

LONE STAR – A Person in the Dark

Anthony Quinn – Flickin’ Out

Films of Robert Rodriguez – The Movie Rat

Telenovelas and how they are impacting American TV – Moon in Gemini

Adele Mara – The Horn Section

Sara Montiel in VERA CRUZ – The Wonderful World of Cinema

Juano Hernandez Biography, INTRUDER IN THE DUST – Twenty Four Frames

BORN IN EAST L.A. – Blog of the Darned

John Wayne and the Two Pedros (Armendariz and Gonzalez Gonzalez) – Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

FRIDA – Girls Do Film

Xavier Cugat and his female singer Lina Romay – Comet Over Hollywood

Segundo de Chomon – Film Dirt

Margo Albert – Bunnybun’s Classic Movie Blog

From “Que Pasa, U.S.A.?” to THE BIG BOODLE with Velia Martinez – Once Upon a Screen

Tórtola Valencia in PASIONARIA – Silents Please

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks (La Torre de los Siete Jorobados) – Wolffian Classic Movies Digest

102 thoughts

    1. You got it! Was planning one on that myself from the fabulous screening we saw, but you’ve taken a load off! 😀 SUCH FUN! Thanks, Kellee!

    1. LMAO! So are you! I was seriously contemplating not doing this, but I couldn’t let it go. SOOO many blogathons and everyone’s overwhelmed. So here I am! 🙂

      1. Ha!!! Yep, you think U want to take a little break from writing and do more watching, and then buzzdt! like moths to the flame… U just can’t help yourself… Seriously, it’s such a wonderful theme!

  1. Oh, now I am undecided! I can’t decide between Ricardo Montalban or maybe writing about the Zorro movies made during the classic era! I’ve written about Mr. Montalban before, so I am leaning towards Zorro.

    1. OH MAN!! Don’t want to influence you so I’ll say nothing except that if I can get my hands on Montalban’s MYSTERY STREET I’ll do something on that. Anything you do will be wonderful, Terry!

      1. Oh, your mention of Mystery Street gave me an idea! I could write about the Ricardo Montalban movie Border Incident. It would fit the blogathon perfectly!

          1. Darn. Oh well, it may be for the best. I just remembered I could write about one of my childhood crushes and one who is still with us, Rita Moreno!

      1. Hey, Aurora-
        Is it okay if I make my post a double-header, I want to add the musical comedy “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit” (1998), it shares major elements with “Zoot Suit”.

  2. Aurora: count the Horn Section in; I’d like to write about Adele Mara. (Will be doing a couple of her films for another blogs thin in Sept so it will be a nice continuation 🙂

    1. WONDERFUL!! Not too late at all! Not sure why I didn’t receive notification of your comment, but adding you right away! Terrific choice!


  3. Hi Auroroa, I know this is going to sound stupid but I want to do, Born in East L.A., written, directed, and starring Cheech Marin. I know it’s kind of cheesy but I like it a lot more than I think I would.

  4. Could I do a post on Pedro Armendariz and Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez and the John Wayne films they appeared in? It will be titled: John Wayne and the Two Pedros.

  5. Hi, I’d love to participate, and would like to write about Segundo de Chomon. I do wish you had at least one vertical image, so I could pimp this in my sidebar. Would it be all right if I made one? I’ll share it here if I do.

  6. Hi Aurora,

    I just saw this blogathon. I’d like to do something on actress Margo. I don’t know what yet but I’d like to claim her for a piece at least. I do want to highlight her philanthropy.

  7. Hi there! I just saw this post, and sadly I’m unable to commit to writing anything on so short notice, but it sounds like a great event. I have covered a couple of Spanish silent films on my blog before though – it’s probably not blogathon relevant (not Hollywood; posted earlier this year), but I wondered if you might be interested in reading about a film starring a famous Spanish dancer of the early twentieth century:
    Thank you and good look on the blogathon!

    1. Hi! Actually, I’ll feature it on the list. I don’t usually like to include older posts, but would love to spread the word. 🙂


      1. Oh wow, cool! Thank you. I hope that some people will enjoy reading about Tórtola Valencia and her film(s). I will surely participate with a proper post for your next blogathon. 🙂
        PS Above, I meant to write “luck” instead of “look”, lol.

  8. No Carmen Miranda? She was a huge star and the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in the 40’s. She also had a great influence in the fashion industry with her turbans and her sandals and platform shoes. She introduced the brazillian music to the americans. As a brazillian I protest!

    1. That means you’ll submit an entry on her for next year, Claudio? I’m excited!!! Everyone chooses who they want to discuss. I’m a huge fan of Carmen’s!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I’d love to submit an entry on Carmen, but I’m afraid my English is not good enough.

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