July #TCM Highlights and #NoirSummer Poster Gallery

I’m getting right to the heart of the matter this month, the gem-filled July TCM schedule.

Highlights include…

  • Monday nights dedicated to the Star of the month Shirley Temple
  • Treasures from the Disney Vault, which returns for a nine-movie showcase on July 2
  • A celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Technicolor with a 48-hour, 25-movie marathon on July 7 and 8
  • Guest programmer Joan Collins who picks 4 movies on July 22nd
  • Primetime on July 23rd dedicated to Burns and Allen (OMG!)
  • The usual daily tributes and remembrances to classic favorites, which are too numerous to mention so be sure to check out the TCM schedule for details.  All I’m saying is expect daytimes dedicated to the likes of Laughton, Leigh, Stanwyck, Lang, Wood and Tracy.
  • The principal dish of the meal – the continuing Friday Night Spotlight: ‘Summer of Darkness’ festival, which started in June and continues throughout July with 24-hours of films noir every Friday.  Expect 68 films noir this month with prime time entries introduced by the Czar of Noir Eddie Muller.  Be sure to follow #NoirSummer on Twitter to keep current with the conversation.  To access the complete ‘Summer of Darkness’ schedule go here.


As I’m sure you know since there are nearly 19,000 people participating the Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir free, online course continues as well.  It’s been enlightening and entertaining thus far and I can’t wait for more noir.


And now to the gallery of posters representing all of the films noir on TCM’s July schedule.  As I mentioned in the June highlights post I’ve had a love affair with film noir posters for as long as I can remember so these are a treat – I hope you enjoy them too.  If not I don’t want to know you.  It’s a bitter little world.

Listed by TCM air date…

Summer of Darkness

Friday, July 3


Friday, July 10


Friday, July 17


Friday, July 24


Friday, July 31

Absolument magnifique!

If you missed the June ‘Summer of Darkness’ gallery you can peruse it here.  It’s murderous eye candy.

7 thoughts

  1. Gorgeous posters, Aurora! I’d like to have every one of them in full size to completely cover a wall! I don’t have TCM right now (GASP!), but I follow what is showing with what is in my collection and what I might be able to find elsewhere. Wonderful bunch of movies…

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