Warner Archive joins TCM Party for NOIRVEMBER

In our world the eleventh month of the year is not dedicated to family gatherings or special sales.  Here we celebrate crime-laden streets, shadowy figures and suspicious cops.  This is Noirvember.

In celebration of all things noirTCM Party is joining Warner Archive Instant for a series of tweet-a-longs in November. We’ve chosen favorite film noir from the Warner Archive Instant offerings.

Using the hashtags #TCMparty and #Noirvember, we will gather to watch and tweet along as follows (all times Eastern):

Sunday, November 3 at noon – Guest host Aurora [@CitizenScreen] has chosen Fritz Lang’s CLASH BY NIGHT (1952) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan, Paul Douglas and Marilyn Monroe.


Tuesday, November 12 at 8 p.m. – @TCMparty host Paula has chosen Jacques Tourneur’s EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944) starring Hedy Lamarr, George Brent and Paul Lukas.


Saturday, November 16, time TBD – Special guest host Karen [@TheDarkPages] has chosen Vincent Sherman’s THE DAMNED DON’T CRY (1950) starring Joan Crawford, David Brian, Steve Cochran and Kent Smith.


@TCMParty host Trevor has chosen three noirs:

Thursday, November 21 @ 8 p.m. – Jack Bernhard’s DECOY (1946) starring Jean Gillie, Edward Norris and Robert Armstrong.


Sunday, November 24 @ noon – Richard Fleischer’s ARMORED CAR ROBBERY (1950) starring Charles McGraw, Adele Jergens and William Talman.


Thursday, November 28 @ 8 p.m. – Edward Dmytryk’s CORNERED (1945) starring Dick Powell, Walter Slezak and Micheline Cheirel.


We hope everyone will want to participate, as it’s sure to be a fun, informative time. If you already subscribe to Warner Archive Instant, you’re all set. If you don’t, you can sign up for a free two-week trial here.

Either way, to enjoy Noirvember online you need only be on Twitter at the scheduled time, use the correct hashtags, and wait for the host to signal, “START THE MOVIE!”

We’re thrilled to be presenting these Warner Bros. film noirs as part of the excitement of #TCMparty, and hope this is the first of many collaborations between our enthusiastic film-loving community and the studio with deep, dark noir roots.

This is hardboiled, baby.

Note that these Noirvember tweet-a-longs are in addition to the regular #TCMparty events, which follow along to scheduled programming on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) (dates listed below). Please visit the TCM Party tumblr for more info.

Wednesday, November 6 @ 8 p.m. THE KILLERS (1946)
Wednesday, November 13 @ 8 p.m. GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL (1957)
Tuesday, November 19 @ 8 p.m. THE MALTESE FALCON (1941)
Wednesday, November 27 @ 8 p.m. FIELD OF DREAMS (1989)


6 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Dorian but I can’t take credit for “Noirvember”. I’ve seen the term used by many for some time. It fits, though!! I like “Murder, My Sweet” a lot myself, but we tried to choose a few movies that are less popular of those offered on Warner Archive streaming.

      Should be fun and hope you can join in. 🙂


    1. Hi Tim,

      TCMparty is supported by TCM in that they have publicly recognized the group’s “fandom” but it is not directly affiliated with the network. Also, Warner Archive doesn’t yet stream outside of the US, but when they do you’d be able to watch along and tweet with us. That’s a goal – to have every single fan able to join in. Wish you could for this!!


      1. I think I understand. We do have TCM in the uk, just not with the same level of content as you have over there. be great to have access to such a rich archive of films.

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