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I never know exactly how to start posts that result from another blogger’s appreciation of whatever might be presented on Once Upon a Screen. It never fails to blow me away and certainly never gets old. Today is no exception and I am as thrilled as ever. Even more so, in truth. Gwen of The Movies, Silently has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. thank-you-languages-hcjb-global I’m particularly thrilled because Gwen is not only a classic film fan, she is a silent film aficionado, which means this blog has at least some appeal to someone who’s a fan of an era in film I have limited knowledge of – although I am trying my best to change that as you can see from the various videos I’ve posted in the “gallery” page on this blog.  The silents are golden.

The rules:

As is the case with most, if not all these nominations, there are rules that should be followed.


And I intend to follow them…almost.  So here we go…

My nominations:

This is always the hardest part. Not because I can’t come up with fabulous blogs to mention, but because there are too many fabulous blogs to mention. Also, I feel it might be an imposition for some reason.  Of course, there’s no pressure to take part or to pay it forward.

Here’s how I’m playing it – I chose an eclectic and fabulous group of eleven. A few are fairly new to me blogs and others that I haven’t done without since my blogging journey began.  I also take into account bloggers I’ve passed on previous mentions to and so forth.  I really think about this!  Be sure to note my versatility, by the way – proof of why I received this award (wink), as I purposefully included several genre blogs, as well as a few favorites from the gang at the Classic TV Blog Association (CTVBA), which my classic TV blog, How Sweet it Was, is a member of – I love classic television as much as I love classic film.

And now…in no particular order…


Classic Film and TV Cafe – The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a place for fans to mingle and share their love of great films and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the early 1980s. If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood, world cinema, or TV shows like The Fugitive and The Avengers, then come on into the cafe and have fun!

My Love Of Old Hollywood – A place to share my collection and love of the stars from the silents through the 1940’s.

Immortal Ephemera – Old movie star biographies, fact filled articles about classic movies (big & obscure!), plus alerts to the latest Collectible Galleries, all delivered by breakfast.

Cinema Schminema: I’d Rather be watching THIS! “I love movies, pure and simple. More importantly, I love movies that are bad, unusual, trashy, unique, mystifying, death-defying and sometimes just laughable.”

Furious Cinema – “…We want the real cinema back. Movies from the good old days, the all or nothing days, the Vanishing Point days. We want all the fun, the thrills, the excitement of movies that dared to stand the hell out.”

Michael’s TV Tray – A celebration of food and classic television

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear – “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…”

Made for TV Mayhem – “I’m a TV movie fanatic but I love everything from slashers to Danielle Steel adaptations! I have written for several websites including Retro Slashers, Film Threat, Fangirltastic, Horror Yearbook, Kindertrauma and Camp Blood.”

The Last Drive In – “The blog’s atmosphere is one of nostalgia for those golden days when Silver Screen met tube with dials overflowing with memorable actors, writers, directors, and visionaries.”

The Hollywood Review – Where we’re always ready for our close-up.

Outspoken and Freckled – Kellee writes about classic film, politics, family and life… all with a sassy Irish attitude and a flair for whimsy.

(Note all blurbs are taken directly from each blog).

About me…

Um…wait. Did I say choosing other blogs to mention was the hardest part? Not true. This is. Coming up with seven interesting things that I haven’t mentioned in previous posts is a challenge. If I hear a thump I’ll know it’s you falling off your chair in a stupor.  So be it.

1. Semi-advanced age has made me a morning person – a fact I abhor.


2. To me Gene Kelly is sexier dancing alone…


…and Fred Astaire is more romantic with a partner.


3. I have approximately 1,500 films and television shows on either DVD or blu-ray in my collection and apps on my phone, iPad and MAC to keep them all straight.


(Rather messy at the moment because I’ve run out of room).

4.  I went to twelve years of Catholic school – first grade through High School.  (Don’t ask how I feel about that today, though). evil

5.  My niece told me to include this and since it’s cute, I am – I am the first person in my family to go to the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) – this year!


6.  I love twitter.  Facebook…meh.



7.  I’m still working on getting over my dislike of Veronica Lake.


There you have it – a post of appreciation for the honor received and for those I pass it on to.



25 thoughts

  1. You always come up with entertaining photos to go along with your personal tidbits. Bravo. And I hope to meet up with you at TCMFF this year, Aurora. Keep ’em comin’!

    1. Can’t wait to meet you, Michael! It’s gonna be a blast! So glad you liked this – posting the images is my favorite part.


  2. Hi Aurora! Nice blogs ya got there! And I could not agree with you more about Twitter and Facebook. Silents are golden but classics are fabulous (says the girl whose first loves were Errol Flynn and Don Ameche) and I love the way you write about them. I won’t be at TCMFF (sniff) but have a fabulous time. I look forward to reading your blog posts about it.

    1. Thanks, Gwen! AND for this award!! WOOOT! Thanks so much for all your support! I plan to blog and tweet all about my experience at the festival so stay tuned! 😉


  3. Aurora!, I am so honored and flatter, especially coming from you since I admire you and your intelligent blog so much. Thanks for touting my little blog and with a most appreciative glow, I will pass along the love. I’ve been delving more into Silent Film over the years as well, but Classics of course are the balm that keep me sane in this world that sometimes seems unrecognizable to someone like me who waxes nostalgic most of the time. Glad you’re getting to go the festival the line up is killer. I too have an extensive library of film and classic television, thank god… it’s like being able to go to the candy store and pick out what ever you crave at the moment… It’s great to be in the company of wonderful people who are like minded and smart as hell. Cheers -Joey

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Joey. Indeed, we’ve all found our niche in that regard. It’s wonderful – never lack for interesting, passionate reads on what I love most. By the way, I consider this my little blog so I get it – but yours is great! Love to visit.


  4. PS: I am still working on not being underwhelmed by Lana Turner. She’s growing on me though. Poor Veronica, I hear such terrible things about her. Too many demons I suppose.

    1. I’ve learned more about Lake’s supposed terrible life from many people on Twitter – and their blogs. But I’ve always had trouble liking any of her performances. I keep trying though. I like Lana better. It’s subjective.


  5. Great post Aurora! You should create a blog post about your film & TV collection 🙂 I’d love to see it! Also, which apps do you currently use? Like, what are some of your favourites?

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Hmmm…I’ll think about that. Might be fun. I use My Movies on Droid, iPad and MAC – all sync through internet. I really like it – great way to keep everything in order. You get bios & connections to IMDB, etc. Not perfect but works great for me.

  6. Congratulations and thank you! I really appreciate how much thought you put into your selections, And regarding point number 6, Twitter over Facebook — I’m so with you there! Congrats again!

  7. Aurora congratulations on your VB award! Your sites are as good as it gets when it comes to classic film analysis/appreciation. You’re a big inspiration for all of us. Our Best Regards

    1. Thanks so much, Ruth! I’m a bit of a nut and have been collecting films for too many years to count. I like to say it’s my only vice as a way to excuse the obsession. (But it’s not).


  8. You know looking at your wonderful How Sweet It Was blog just makes me realize how much we both like the same things too. I rewatch Columbo over and over like it’s aspirin for what ails you. ‘Oh just one more thing, ” You’re swell kid… Joey

  9. Congrats on your award Aurora. We do share something in common in regard to Catholic School. I went 16 years, I don’t know if that is good or bad, :).

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