You may have heard that  Universal Studios is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they will be restoring and reissuing some of its classics. A few of which may appear in theaters near you as special releases so be on the look-out!

I wanted to post a personal homage to this studio whose films and characters I have a deep affection for. I present a pictorial salute and join Dr. Pretorius from James Whale’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) in raising a glass…

Here are some of the unforgettable characters Universal Studios brought into my life — in these cases all on a small screen in my family’s living room, where I was first introduced to the wonders of motion pictures. I’d rush home from school, stay up too late or argue with my brother for tv viewing rights in order to visit these friends over and over again (I will add we never had to argue over the Universal monsters. They were/are his favorites). I hope I do them justice for I can’t imagine my movie-loving journey without them. These simple images represent horror, laughter, warmth, admiration and a myriad of fond memories.

Those are but a few of the great, classic gods and monsters worthy of note – Universal treasures.

From a fan, a sincere thank you to the great Universal Studios – the producers, directors, actors, make-up geniuses and all others – for giving me, and so many other movie fans so much, for the legacy we feel is our own.

“We love the thing that shocks us and sends chills down our spine.” – Carl Laemmle

Indeed, we do.

12 thoughts

    1. Oh, thought that was why you were doing it. In any case, perfect timing! Saw their special anniversary logo on Friday night at the movies and remembered I had this post. Just love looking at the pictures.


  1. I have been reaping the benefits of their anniversary blu-ray releases. I can’t wait for the Universal Monsters set to come out and my wife and I are even planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando in the fall.

    1. OH! Sweet! Love those Universal monsters! I’ve been eyeing those releases on bluray as well. But have the special edition DVDs. I have to draw the lines somewhere but don’t think this will be the time.


      1. I will admit to repurchasing several but thankfully many are new to my collection. The downside is that I know whatever comes AFTER blu-ray will require me to repurchase some of these yet again…Hopefully that’s a few years off, though

  2. Again, thaks for sharing… I feel “almost” guilty! It seems you do all the leg work and I just get to enjoy it. Love the way you brought these images together. So much of my life is surrounded by these pictures. I can remember specific occurances just by looking at them. Super cool dude!

    1. I do it for me. It’s a plus when others like them too! The biggest lesson I’ve learned by all this sharing of classic images and thoughts is how average I am. They are beloved these people and monsters! Love that you take a look!


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