Buster Keaton in THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1921)

In celebration of what would have been Buster Keaton‘s birthday (October 4, 1895) and in keeping with an October-ish theme, here is a presentation of his 1921 film, The Haunted House, which was written and directed by Keaton and Edward F. Cline.

“Silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter.”

(No music accompaniment)

To see images of Buster Keaton, you may like to visit another tribute to the star here.

“No man can be a genius in slapshoes and a flat hat.” – Buster Keaton

Mack Sennet/Gloria Swanson double feature.

A bit late as Miss Swanson would have celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago, but no less fun and never a waste to remember.  Here are a couple of silent comedy shorts starring Gloria Swanson and Bobby Vernon – both directed by Clarence G. Badger and produced by Mack Sennett.  And worth a look.

The Danger Girl (1916)

The Sultan’s Wife (1917)

Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson by Ernest A Bachrach



Good Night, Nurse! (1918)

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle would have celebrated his birthday today (1887-1933).  In remembrance here is a 1918 comedy short, Good Night, Nurse, which co-stars Buster Keaton.  Not only is this great fun, but it’s historic – Buster Keaton smiles on camera!

From 1918, written and directed by Roscoe Arbuckle, here’s Good Night, Nurse.

Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle…




Ernst Lubitsch Silent comedy, Kohlhiesels Töchter

Released on March 9, 1920 in Berlin, Ernst Lubitsch comedy, Kohlhiesels Töchter.

Full cast and crew available here.

Hitchcock’s First Film, THE PLEASURE GARDEN

Celebrating the film’s 1925 release in England today.  This is the famed director’s solo directorial debut.  The list of the film’s full cast and crew available here.