Hitchcock’s First Film, THE PLEASURE GARDEN

Celebrating the film’s 1925 release in England today.  This is the famed director’s solo directorial debut.  The list of the film’s full cast and crew available here.

5 thoughts

  1. You’re making my car/travel/road trip time a lot easier to take with these, Aurora. They’re great! Listening to The Thin Man right now, riding in the car 🙂 Can’t wait to hear this one too. Thanks so much!

    1. This one’s a movie so DO NOT watch while you drive!! BUT, I’m totally loving this new theme I chose for this blog so I can include those radio shows in particular! Now I’m more obsessed than ever!


      1. Hubby drives, I listen 🙂 Actually, we both listen (I watch too) on the ole’ iPad, it’s a lot of fun! Rides go much faster now, lol.

        YES! The theme is brilliant, it lets me be more obsessed with it too, it works so well on the gadgets, you know? I’m glad you’re having fun with it!!

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