Turner Classic Movies (TCM) kicks off its 2013 Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) event, which takes place every August, with a day-long tribute to the man who is ranked #1 on the American Film Institute‘s list of the greatest screen actors – Humphrey Bogart.  I post this gallery in tribute to the star, the man and the event with images that correspond with the Bogie films featured on the TCM schedule – with a few extras because I couldn’t resist.

August 1, 2013 SUTS Schedule – Humphrey Bogart

6:00AM Bogart: The Untold Story (1996)

7:00AM High Sierra (1941)

9:00AM The Maltese Falcon (1941)

10:45AM To Have and Have Not (1944)

12:30PM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

2:45PM Tokyo Joe (1949)

4:15PM Beat The Devil (1954)

6:00PM In a Lonely Place (1950)

8:00PM The Big Sleep (1946)

10:00PM Key Largo (1948)

12:00AM The Caine Mutiny (1954)

2:15AM The Left Hand of God (1955)

4:00AM The Harder They Fall (1956)

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Humphrey Bogart is beloved, admired and always remembered so I need not try to explain his appeal.  But I will explain why I’m such a big fan of his work, which is his unique combination of tough edge and vulnerability.  While he depicted some of the greatest detectives in film history and made his mark playing gangsters, Bogart’s characters always had heart and a romance I find irresistible.  No matter the film or character, when Humphrey Bogart held a woman’s face in his hands before a kiss it was real and I fall for him every single time.  A real man, often hardened by his past but not afraid to show a softer side. No one was like him.

“Acting is experience with something sweet behind it.”

That’s why I love the actor.  Here’s why I love the man:

“A hotdog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz.”


I am submitting this tribute as part of the Summer Under the Stars Blogathon (2013), hosted by Jill of Sittin’ On a Backyard Fence and Michael of Scribehard on Film.  This blogathon coincides with TCM’s SUTS event.  Be sure to visit either host site to enjoy entries honoring some of the greatest stars to appear on the silver screen all month long.  Also, be sure to tune in to TCM every single day in August or set your DVRs.  For classic film fans this is as grand as it gets.


Screen Guild Theater: High Sierra

Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino reprising their film roles in High Sierra based on the story by W. R. Burnett.  This show was originally broadcast on April 17, 1944 on the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and was Bogart’s second radio recording of his character, Roy Earle from the 1941 Raoul Walsh film adaptation, his breakout role.  He’d voiced the character previously on January 4, 1942 co-starring with another actress.

The Screen Guild Theater was a popular radio anthology series broadcast from 1939 until 1952.

Note that this recording also includes broadcasts of Screen Guild Theater radio adaptations of Disney’s, Snow White and another gem that stars Brian Donlevy and Lucille Ball, A Night to Remember.  The focus here is High Sierra, however, in tribute to Ida Lupino on what would have been her 94th birthday.