The Inimitable Voice of Cary Grant…On the Radio

“For all anyone knows, God could be Cary Grant.”  Carol Morin

This post surfaces not because I adore him, but because he was one of the greats and today would have been his birthday (January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986).  Here’s the inimitable voice of Cary Grant in fantastically entertaining old-time radio shows. In his honor – and for many hours of (our) enjoyment. In fact, this may be the most comprehensive collection of memorable Cary Grant radio presentations anywhere. Enjoy.


On Suspense

  • “The Black Curtain” from December 2, 1942


  • “The Black Path of Fear” from March 7, 1946:


  • “On a Country Road” from November 16, 1950:



On Lux Radio Theatre


  • “Madame Butterfly” with Grace Moore from March 8, 1937:


  • “Theodora Goes Wild” with Irene Dunne from June 13, 1938:


  • “Only Angels Have Wings” with Jean Arthur from May 29, 1939:


  • “The Awful Truth” with Claudette Colbert from September 11, 1939:


  • “In Name Only” with Carole Lombard and Kay Francis from December 11, 1939:


  • “I Love You Again” with Myrna Loy from June 30, 1941:


  • “Here Comes Jordon” with Claude Rains, Evelyn Keyes, and James Gleason from January 26, 1942:


  • “The Talk of the Town” from May 17, 1943 with Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman:


  • “Mr. Lucky” from October 18, 1943 with Laraine Day:


Grant and Garson taping “Bedtime Story”
  • “Bedtime Story” with Greer Garson from February 26, 1945:


  • “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer” from June 13, 1949 with Shriley Temple:


  • “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” with Irene Dunne from October 10, 1949:
Dunne and Grant


  • “People Will Talk” with Jeanne Crain from January 25, 1954:


  • “Welcome Stranger” with Barry Fitzgerald from April 5, 1954:


  • Airing on Cary’s birthday in 1955, here’s “The Awful Truth” with his greatest co-star, Irene Dunne:
Celebrating his birthday with Irene Dunne and Irving Cummings at Lux Radio Theatre



  • The Screen Guild Theatre presentation of “His Girl Friday” opposite Rosalind Russell from March 30, 1941:


  • The Screen Guild Theatre presentation of “Penny Serenade” from November 16, 1941 with Irene Dunne:


  • The Academy Award Theatre presentation of “Suspicion” with Ann Todd:


  • “I Confess” from September 21, 1953:


  • “The Bishop’s Wife” with Phyllis Thaxter from March 1, 1955:


As guest star in comedy programs…

Grant, Lombard, and Colman
  • The Circle Variety Show hosted by Ronald Colman with Carole Lombard, Cary Grant, and Groucho and Chico Marx from January 22, 1939:


  • “The Bob Hope Show” from December 28, 1943 with guest Cary Grant:


  • “The Abbott and Costello Show” from April 6, 1944 with guest Cary Grant:


“It takes 500 small details to add up to one favorable impression.” – Cary Grant

Impress us favorably he still does. Here’s to you, the greatest of movie stars.

Tune your radio

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