Robert Montgomery Old-Time Radio Shows

Actor, director, producer, Robert Montgomery would have celebrated a birthday today. Montgomery, the handsome New York native, often played the role of the sophisticate in movies, many of which I’ve yet to see. Of Montgomery’s work I am much more familiar with radio appearances with his Suspense outings among my favorites. Mr. Montgomery had a rich, clear, resonant voice, which made him a natural behind the microphone. As you’ll hear, dramatic encounters are heightened by his presence. I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I will revisiting them for his birthday.


  • We begin with the final show of the Lux Radio Theatre‘s third season, from July 5, 1937. Here’s  “Beau Brummel” in which Montgomery stars opposite Madge Evans and an all-star cast.


  • Next is the Lux production of “The 39 Steps” starring Robert Montgomery, Ida Lupino. Isabel Jewell, and Gene Lockhart


  • Also from Lux Radio Theatre from 1937, “A Star is Born” co-starring with Janet Gaynor, Lionel Stander, May Robson, and Lou Merrill.
During the “A Star is Born” performance – Stander, Robson, Montgomery, Gaynor, and Lux host and producer, Cecil B. DeMille


  • From 1939, Montgomery stars alongside Bette Davis, Basil Rathbone, George Murphy, and Louise Beavers in The Gulf Screen Guild Show presentation of “Can We Forget.”
Performing “Can We Forget” – Beavers, Montgomery, Davis, Murphy, Rathbone, and directing the episode, Frank Capra


  • From 1947 here’s the Lux presentation of “Rue Madeleine” missing the introduction and post-show commentary with the stars, but still worthy of a listen. Here Montgomery stars with Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte, and Vanessa Brown.



Following are Suspense episodes on which Robert Montgomery acted as producer, host and sometimes star.

  • On Suspense as host and star of “The Black Curtain.”


  • On Suspense as host of “The Khandy Tooth” starring Howard Duff as Sam Spade.


  • On Suspense as host of “Love’s Lovely Counterfeit” starring James Cagney.


  • On Suspense as host and star of “The Lodger.”


  • On Suspense as host of “Beyond Reason” starring Robert Ryan and Ruth Warrick.


  • On Suspense as host and star of “In a Lonely Place.”


  • On Suspense as host of “Nightmare” starring Eddie Bracken and William Conrad.


  • Finally, on Suspense as host and star of “Night Must Fall” alongside Dame May Whitty and an all-star cast.


Robert Montgomery (May 21, 1904 – September 27, 1981)

4 thoughts

  1. Yes, I agree: a wonderful selection to listen to. And great pictures of R. M. I have already heard his star turn in “In a Lonely Place,” which I think condenses the novel really well. I wonder what Montgomery would have been like in the film version. He’s been in other films noir and done a great job. I look forward to listening to some of the selections you have provided here Thanks!

  2. Jus5 listened to The Black Curtain.. Montgomery is so good! Wasn’t that Woolrich story used for John Payne’s The Crooked Path? He is such a terrific writer.

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