Welcome 2017 with Movies Celebrating 100th, 75th and 50th Anniversaries

Welcome to 2017!

I approach this year with more than a little trepidation, but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to delicious distractions and exciting new experiences. For instance, the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival is fast approaching, which means I’ll be reunited with film friends from across the globe. There are exciting movie-related sites to visit and Rob, Annmarie and I have some fun stuff in store at Classic Movies and More. Of course – and thankfully – there are old movies to discover as well.

As the new year opens I’m purposefully looking for reasons to celebrate – perhaps to distract me from the endless stream of bad news – so I thought I’d start things off with galleries of movies that were released 100, 75 and 50 years ago. I hope you enjoy perusing the images and noting which of the movies you’d like to be introduced to this year. I have my fingers crossed that we get the opportunity to see some on the big screen. We already know the TCM/Fathom Big Screen Classics Series has a terrific lot scheduled for 2017, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for other local screenings as the year progresses. If you’re in the NYC area I suggest you visit Nitrate Stock wherein you can find a comprehensive calendar of classic film screenings in the metropolitan area.

Anyway – enjoy the galleries of notable films celebrating milestone anniversaries this year and accept my best wishes for a wonderful year and the hope that we all remain forever classic.

Celebrating 100 Years (notable 1917 releases)

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Directed by J. Gordon Edwards and presented by William Fox it was Cleopatra starring Theda Barra that held the top spot at the box office for 1917.


Check out 1917 in Film by Marsha at A Person in the Dark for more box office winners as well as the happenings of 100 years ago. Then visit Cliff at Immortal Ephemera who offers the results of Motion Picture Weekly’s poll, Who’s Your Favorite Movie Star? of 1917. Also, in a few days I’ll be posting the first Friday Foto Follies of 2017, which will be dedicated to movie notables celebrating centennials this year.


Celebrating 75 Years (notable 1942 releases)

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Mrs. Miniver topped the box office in 1942.

Since I adore the 1940s a complete post dedicated to 1942 is in order, but I want to mention at least a few of the people we lost and gained that year. Among those we lost are Carole Lombard, John Barrymore, May Robson, George M. Cohan and Edna May Oliver. Some of the notables who made their film debuts in 1942 are David Lean (first directorial credit), Richard Attenborough, Anne Jeffreys, Gene Kelly, Harry Morgan, Simon Signoret, Elizabeth Taylor and Esther Williams.


Celebrating 50 Years (notable 1967 releases)

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Also check out this list at Classic Sci-Fi Movies for the 1967 releases in that genre.

We lost several significant greats in 1967. Among them are Vivien Leigh, Claude Rains, Spencer Tracy, Paula Muni, Basil Rathbone and Jayne Mansfield.

I don’t want to leave you on a sad note though so here are a few tidbits certain to give you a hearty laugh and set you on your path to a terrific year:

In 1967…

The average cost of a new house was $14,250.00 – the average yearly income was $7,300.00 – the average monthly rent was $125.00 – gas cost 33 cents per gallon – a new car averaged $2,750.00  – a movie ticket cost $1.25.

Actually…maybe that’s not so funny.

Take a look at Classic Movies and More 2017 Preview Show:

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  1. I just spent he best part of my morning with this blog. Think i’ll just put it into cruise control because it’s already made my day!

  2. I can’t stop laughing! Fatty’s Wedding Night could not possibly live up to the publicity of 529 Laughs – Count them!

    I would thank you for putting all of this together, but I know you love it too much! Thanks, anyway. Marvelous stroll down movie memory lane.

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