Serve the Nuts Christmas Mysteries on #OTR

I was gathering Christmas listening fare, as I usually do before a long drive, when it occurred to me that heartwarming stories and spreading cheer during the holidays are overrated. As you prepare to gather with your nuts…er…family and friends…imagine instead how much closer you can all be if you listen to stories of Christmases gone awry with murder and mayhem. Oh, the memories you’ll create as chills roll down spines and the crackle of burning logs cause havoc. I guarantee you’ll get long looks of admiration when it’s all over.

Margaret Rutherford’s Miss Marple throws a loving glance at Mr Stringer in Murder At The Gallop (1963)

With that sort of memorable gathering in mind I’ve put together a collection of Christmas mysteries for your entertainment.

Rathbone's Sherlock entertains Bruce's Dr. Watson
Rathbone’s Sherlock entertains Bruce’s Dr. Watson

You don’t want any member of your family to miss this array of classic radio mysteries that take place on Christmas so call them now…

Ronald Colman as Bulldog Drummond
Ronald Colman as Bulldog Drummond

…and await to enjoy festivities you can plan with your eyes closed.

Dick Powell as Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet
Dick Powell as Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet

You’re welcome!

Merry Christmas and happy listening!


Boston Blackie in “Santa and the Stolen Rings”


Dragnet “Big Little Jesus” (December 22, 1953)


Miss Marple in “A Christmas Tragedy” by Agatha Christie.


From Suspense, Greer Garson stars in an unusual dramatization of “The Night Before Christmas” (December 21, 1953)


The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce presents another version of “The Night Before Christmas” (December 24, 1945)


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Here he is in “Stockings Were Hung” (December 24, 1939)


Here’s Philo Vance and the “Mistletoe Murder Case”

Peter Lorre is “Back for Christmas” in this episode of Suspense. (December 23, 1943)

The Adventures of The Saint starring Vincent Price offers “Nineteen Santa Clauses” (December 24, 1947)


Here’s a “Delayed Christmas Present” from The Whistler


The Lux Radio Theatre production of “The Thin Man” starring William Powell and Myrna Loy


Agatha Christie’s “The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding” featuring Hercule Poirot.



This one’s not a mystery, but a delightful, short production of “The Bishop’s Wife” from The Screen Guild Theater with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven reprising their film roles. (March 1, 1948)

Beware Loretta Young bearing gifts
Beware Loretta Young bearing gifts

6 thoughts

  1. SUPER! I’ll definitely be listening to Miss Marple and the Mistletoe Murder Case. Christmas mysteries are actually quite a tradition. Charles Dickens wrote a ghost yarn every year for Christmas and for many families during the Victorian era, it was customary to sit around the fire and tell ghost stories on Xmas.

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