Last Day of the 2015 WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon

Don’t miss the entries for the third and final day of the 4th Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon!

Many thanks to all the bloggers who participated and my terrific co-hosts Kellee and Paula!  See you next year!

Outspoken & Freckled


Elsa is beside herself and so are we. It is bittersweet to see the last day arrive for our 4th annual WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon. We’ve come to realize you love this blogathon as much as we do. With good reason- why not celebrate those fun, quirky character actors that take those small roles and steal every scene? So here we have arrived to the third and final day to honor character actors of new and old.

Let’s kick it off with…

LOUISE BEAVERS, who according to GIRLS DO FILM, “imbued each role with subtlety and a certain dignity, forcing audiences to acknowledge her characters despite the stereotype.” A must-read on that character actor you may not know the name, but you undoubtedly know her.

MOVIE CLASSICS unravels the mystery behind the allusive “unnamed old woman” who starred on stage and over 70 films, ZEFFIE TILBURY. A fascinating…

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One thought

  1. Any time…. ANY TIME!!! you can put Elsa Lanchester and good old Zeffie Tillbury in one paragraph has to be special! This is a truly important event that must continue each year to showcase those who to borrow a phrase are the ‘spine’ of the films & television programs they appeared in! Thanks so much for hosting you three…

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