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The theme of the 2014 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival was “The Ties that Bind” and while I know the folks at TCM are aware of how deeply those ties are rooted throughout the community of classic film fans who love and support the network, I’m not sure Turner Broadcasting as a whole is aware.  When the news came out yesterday that Turner Broadcasting was making cuts our hearts and minds immediately turned toward TCM.  Although we can’t possibly know what’s on the horizon the mere thought that our beloved home of the classics and those who make it work may be affected spread fear in our world and we feel a sense of duty to do what we can.

My friend, Elise of The LA Rambler has written a letter to Turner Broadcasting that I am sharing the link to on Once Upon a Screen with her permission, adding my plea to the words she shares so eloquently.  Her thoughts and feelings about TCM mirror my own as I’m sure they do many of yours as well.  Please take a moment to read Elise’s letter, share it and add your voice to what we ask of Turner Broadcasting, #DontTouchTCM.



From Elise at The LA Rambler, a TCM devotee:

Yesterday Will McKinley’s blog, Cinematically Insane posted about the imminent lay offs at Turner Broadcasting. Fresh off our high of the announcement of the TCM Classic Film Festival dates it put fear in every TCM loving heart. TCM is a family to us and we can’t imagine a single person is expendable.
Because of that feeling many of us have decided to post open letters to our blogs as well as send them to Turner Headquarters in Atlanta. I would encourage you to do so as well. Their address is:

John Martin, CEO
Turner Broadcasting
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016


Turner Broadcasting

One CNN Center

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

If you have a blog or Facebook page please post your letters too or copy and paste mine, whatever you want and use the #DontTouchTCM hashtag.

To access the rest of Elise’s post and access her letter to the powers that be at Turner Broadcasting asking that they leave TCM in tact, please go here.

As another proud TCM devotee, I add my signature to Elise’s letter and will mail and share it on social media. I hope you do the same.


7 thoughts

  1. The decisions are being made out of NY. You would be better off sending your comments to:
    John Martin, CEO
    Turner Broadcasting
    One Time Warner Center
    New York, NY 10019-8016

  2. Reblogged this on gweninalaska and commented:
    It gives us a sense of history. I love seeing a young person discover the stars we all know and love. TCM is one of two channels I watch with any regularity. Please leave TCM the way it is. It is your gift to the world Mr. Turner. I for one, thank you.

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