Alphabet Movie Meme

It’s been quite a while since I try one of the list-y posts I have such a hard time with so I thought I’d end 2013 with a doozie.  Inspired by Katy at The Drama Lama and passed along by Mettel Ray‘s movie blog who hosted the fabulous “My Movie Alphabet” blogathon last year this is the Alphabet Movie Meme event.


I decided to try my hand at this event despite the fact I’m not quite sure what a “meme” is.  Luckily, the premise of the Alphabet Movie Meme is quite simple.  Katy posed movie-related questions based on the alphabet and those who participate simply blog their answers and/or comments on their own blog.  So I hope you consider following suit, I’d love to read your comments!  Until then here are mine, which I hope you enjoy – the last post on Once Upon a Screen in 2013 ending a swell year.

Alphabet Movie Meme

  • Anticipated 2014 movie:

I can’t say I’m up on the latest news regarding upcoming releases, but there are a few I know about that I’m looking forward to.  First up is Olivier Dahan‘s, Grace of Monaco.  In truth I’m not looking forward to watching Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, but the rest of the cast, which includes Tim Roth and Frank Langella looks interesting in a film that depicts Princess Grace‘s years in Monaco.

Next is a movie I cannot wait to see, the Muppets latest adventure, a crime caper titled Muppets Most Wanted.  Then there’s Captain America who is slated for his next outing as part of phase II (or two! I don’t want to break any Marvel laws!) of the Marvel Universe extravaganza. Finally, I can’t help but look forward to the next X-Men movie.  I enjoy mutants.  What can I say?

Princess Grace and Nicole Kidman depicting her.
  • Book Adaptation I’d Love To See

I can only mention my guiltiest pleasure here, the In-Death series by J.D. Robb, which I can never get enough of.  On the one hand I’d love to see a film adaptation, but on the other I prefer the characters be left to all of our imaginations.  Once you put a definitive face on these people then some of the fun is gone.  Hmmm…guess I have to give this some more thought.

  • Celebrity I’d Most Like To Meet

I’m going to assume this refers to someone who’s still with us so I would definitely not mind a long session of storytelling with Olivia de Havilland, Maureen O’Hara or Lauren Bacall.  I would not object to spending a day with Betty White either! And having a one-to-one with Barbra Streisand would leave me speechless.

  • Dream Director/Actor Pairing

There have been several unforgettable pairings and lots of screen magic created as a result.  But I have to go with two who collaborated on films I cannot live without:

First, the Billy Wilder / Jack Lemmon combination – genius writer/director takes full advantage of the full scope of a genius talent.  The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, The Fortune Cookie are three examples.



Then… they made four films together, but I note them here for just two of those – Notorious and North by Northwest.  That’s Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant.  Enough said.



  • Essential Classic Film

Wow – this choice may easily change depending on the day, but today I’m going with Billy Wilder’s, Sunset Boulevard.  It’s about the movies, it’s glorious to look at, it has unforgettable performances, outstanding writing and I just plain adore it. If you want more reasons why check out a full post I dedicated to this film – Sunset Blvd…It IS Big.  If you haven’t seen this film know it’s a MUST – get it immediately, sit back and prepare to be enchanted and disturbed by the genius of Billy Wilder.


  • Favorite Film Franchise

I’m going to “ignore” the implications that “franchise” took on in or about the 1970s, when I believe the term started to be used in regards to films.  Prior to that, that I’m aware, they were simply film series and the like.  So to answer this I’ll accept them all as film series and choose The Thin Man as my favorite of all time.  Even the lesser films in that series are highly entertaining due to the talents of William Powell and Myrna Loy.

The Thin Man Goes Home promo pic

For fun I will choose “modern” franchises that I really enjoy. First there’s Star Trek because I grew up watching the series and have an affection for it. For the most part I’ve really liked the film adaptations featuring all casts in all series although the original is…well, most special. Then there’s the Dark Knight as a result of the latest trilogy, which was fabulous. I’m a Superman girl and feel I’m cheating on him going with Batman here, but I have to be honest. Finally, I’ll give a mention to the Muppets because I’ve never seen a Muppet movie I didn’t enjoy.

  • Genre I Watch The Most
  • Hidden Gem

A wonderful film…not enough people have seen it.

Giuseppe Tornatore’s, Cinema Paradiso (1988)
  • Important Moment in My Film Life

There are many, as I imagine is the case for most cinephiles, but here are three:

– Coming to this country at age of five –  My love of classics was born.

– Joining Twitter – I signed on to Twitter over a year before I started to use it.  But once I started following like-minded cinephiles an entire new world of classics opened up for me.

– Attending the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) earlier this year – when I met several of those Twitter friends I’d made, I found my tribe, as my cousin would say.  That is all.

  • Just Right Movie for A Rainy Day

This is so dependent on my mood, but…to abide and endure it has to be Charles Laughton’s, The Night of the Hunter.


  • Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy

I’m not ashamed.  I adore Dumbo.


  • Location I’d Most Like To Visit

I wouldn’t mind visiting all the spots in Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief right after I’ve visited the set of Rear Window! I’d look out of Jeff’s window, go across the courtyard, climb up the fire escape and into the Thorwald apartment, over to the songwriter’s place to make sure his clock was working, back across the courtyard to have dinner with Jeff. Then leave for Monaco to take a stab at Cary Grant!  Er…I mean, go for a spin with Cary Grant!


  • Marathon I First Attended

Assuming this means a film marathon, it wasn’t until this year’s TCMFF that I’d attended a marathon in earnest.  I don’t remember ever watching more than two films in a theater in one day before then.

  • Netflix Movie I Actually Watched
I don’t have and have never had Netflix.  I’ve also never wanted it less than I do now thanks to two new apps – Watch TCM and Warner Archive Instant.  Classics at my fingertips.
  • One Movie I Saw in the Theater More Than Once

In the last couple of years I’ve been able to watch Michael Curtiz’, Casablanca several times in a theater, which has been pretty special. There was also a theater in the neighborhood where I grew up that screened second and third runs of films for what seemed like forever. I specifically remember seeing Jaws there several times even though I spent countless sleepless nights after each viewing.


    • Preferred Place to Watch a Movie

I fell in love with The Egyptian Theater at this year’s TCMFF and wish I was close enough to watch many more movies there. But I do have two pretty spectacular movie palaces near me that can’t be beat – the Landmark Loew’s in Jersey City and, as of this year, the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights. Both theaters are working toward a fully renovated experience that will take audiences back to the early days of talking pictures – as they existed in the golden age. But even as they now stand, a bit worse for wear, nothing beats watching classic films in these grand cathedrals to film.

  • Quote That Inspires Me

“I’d love to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.” Seriously. If you’re confident enough to say that you can do anything.


And one I have on my desk at work…

“Kings must be philosophers and philosophers must be kings for there to be peace.”

and on my fridge…

“Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”

  • Remake – Friend or Foe


  • Snack I Enjoy the Most

How much time have I got here? I’ll keep it simple. Chocolate. At the movies, chocolate and popcorn.  And soda.


  • Twist That Boggled My Mind

A few come to mind here: The ending to Se7en (1995) and Memento (2000).  The original Planet of the Apes‘ Statue of Liberty scene is still jolting and Primal Fear still packs a punch.(1996).


  • Unapologetic Fangirl For

Brad Pitt. Yes, he’s a handsome gent, but he also happens to be a good actor.  Underrated as far as I’m concerned.

  • Very Excited For Award Season?

Always! Even when I don’t watch all of the nominated films I’m invested in the awards. In my mind they still represent the best of the industry, a celebration in glitz and glamor.


  • Wish I Never Watched

I found Pedro Almodovar’s, La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In) (2011) so disturbing I could have done without it.

  • Xxx Movie I Watched at a Really Young Age (R or NC-17)

I didn’t watch any XXX movie at a really young age. Nor, in truth, did I have any curiosity about them. Sorry. Boring answer.

  • Your latest movie-related obsession

Pre-codes and all their sinful goodness.


ZZZ-Catchers – (name a movie that has put you to sleep)

None.  I’ve seen bad films, but I’ve never fallen asleep during a movie.  I’m the type likely to change the channel or stop playing a movie if it bores me to tears.


And now I hope I didn’t put you to sleep.  This was great fun.  Thank you for indulging me this entire year.

Happy New Year!


10 thoughts

  1. Wow. That’s quite a list. Not sure I could do an A to Z. May take me the whole of 2014!
    Was surprised at volume of modern film and star references.
    Would happily join you on the Rear Window and To Catch a Thief locations.

    1. Thanks, Vienna!

      I felt the topics were more geared toward modern film fare. Anticipated releases and so forth.

      Let’s remember to plan our trip to Monaco!! 😉


  2. I had such fun reading this, Aurora…one thing that struck me was your love of the original Star Trek and the movies. I’m an unashamed Trekkie too! Your choice for a rainy night is right on …I also like the classic “The Haunting” from 1963 on a dark and rainy night! Oh gosh, there was so much and I don’t disagree with anything! Great minds think alike, as they say. Thanks for an enjoyable read!

    1. Thanks so much, Becky! I’m always cheered to see your comments! If I do in fact have a similar mind to yours I am gifted! 😉

      Yes! I must blame my older brother for the Star Trek love, but I love it nonetheless.


  3. Wonderful list! Thank you for participating in my movie meme! I added your post to my official meme page. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to Grace of Monaco and hope it fares better than Naomi Watt’s Princess Diana biopic. I’m definitely going to check out WatchTCM and Warner Archive Insant apps. The Thin Man series is something I always miss on TCM – maybe in 2014 I’ll catch some of those! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Katy! I had so much fun doing this and loved ending the blogging year with it. I look forward to being in touch now that I was introduced to your fab blog!

      I think you’ll LOVE those apps! They’re fantastic!


  4. This is much asir than some alphabet memes I saw. When I startd thinking of on movi startd with A, several favorites would pop in my mind and I wouldn’t bw able to choose one. I’d also showcase Sunset Blvd. as an ssential and The Thin Man series as my favorite. But I don’t think I’d watch The Night of the Hunter in a cold, dark, rainy day.
    Happy New Year!

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