Once Upon a Screen…a second anniversary

Once Upon a Screen celebrates its second anniversary this week and as I think back on all that has happened by way of this blog this past year, I am dumbfounded – and grateful!

It’s a kick in the pants!


…And cause for celebration!



Several special recognitions that came by way of awards from other bloggers, a LAMMYS nomination for ‘Best Classic Film Blog’, and co-hosting three very successful blogathons:

31 Days of Oscar with Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled and Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club

Dynamic Duos in Classic Film with Annmarie of Classic Movie Hub

What a Character! 2013 again with Kellee and Paula

I also participated in numerous other fantastic blogathons alongside some of the best classic film bloggers in the blogosphere.  Then there was the shock of winning an award from the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA), ‘Best Film Review (Drama)’ for Scarface: The Shame of a Nation, Howard Hawks’ brilliant, early crime film.


The Pièce de résistance has been the year of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and so much that is related to that network that I am grateful for.  To start, I would have never found a community of like-minded classic film fans both on Twitter and Facebook, several of which I’ve met and have become friends with, if not for our collective affection for TCM and its unique programming.  On that front I must send a special “shout out” to TCM Party, the Twitter group of classics fans that watch and tweet along to films shown on TCM.

Staying with the TCM theme – I attended my first Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) this year and my classic film world changed forever. You can read all about my experience here.


Several months after the Festival – in August – I was invited by a TCM staff member to take part in the maiden voyage of the TCM Classic Film Tour in New York City.  I blogged about that as well and you can read the commentary here.  By the way, if you’re planning to be in or near New York City in December, TCM is offering a special treat to their fans for the holidays – from December 1st through the 20th they’re sharing 1,000 free rides on the Classic Film Tour.  You can reserve your seat here.  The free rides are part of a fan appreciation campaign leading up to the network’s 20th Anniversary, which will culminate next April at the TCMFF – April 10th through the 14th.  I cannot wait!!


Then – a few weeks ago I received an email from TCM’s Senior Media Manager letting me know that Once Upon a Screen was one of ten film blogs they’d selected to feature in the new Watch TCM multi-platform app that launched earlier this month.  To say I was absolutely floored by that message is a gross understatement.  I’d been having a particularly difficult day at work the day I received the message and it lifted me right out of the doldrums.  In my response I believe I even mentioned that TCM never fails to improve my day, whether by way of the classic movies they feature or via a message that I still can’t believe.  But it’s true…

photo (1)
As seen on iPad Watch TCM app – Each of the ten blogs take turns in the “spotlight” sort to speak as their latest post is published.

The other blogs features in the app are absolutely outstanding, by the way.  I honestly don’t know how this happened, but I can’t thank TCM enough for this recognition.  If you’ve yet to visit and/or download the Watch TCM app I urge you to do so. It’s fantastic! The recommended blogs page is the least of it. The app offers an image archive, and you all know how much I love classic film images! It offers plenty of movie clips and trailers, access to the TCM schedule, an On Demand feature with a nice selection of films to choose from, access to the TCM Shop (OK that’s dangerous!) and most exciting of all – access to “live” streaming of TCM programming – if you’re lucky enough to subscribe to a cable provider that’s included in the agreement.  But, if you’re not the network will be adding providers as they become available.

I now must get to more ‘thank yous’ –

To anyone and everyone who has stopped in to read, look and listen to anything I’ve posted on these pages – particularly those who’ve taken the time to comment – it really means a lot – I extend a heartfelt…


And to the reasons I started blogging in the first place…

The heart…


The romance…


The talent…


The class…


The beauty…


The tears…


The fun…


The style…


The menace…


The laughter…


The miracle…


ALL that is classic film and what it is in me.

Finally, for my luck at having found such a supportive classic film blogging community…




27 thoughts

  1. Congrats, Aurora!
    You deserve everything that has happened, because your blog really has quality and is written with love and talent.
    And I got worried when I was past the middle of the post and didn’t see Cary Grant yet. But I’m relieved, because no classic film party is complete without Cary!

    1. Gracias, Le!!! I was very tempted to include JUST pictures of Cary, but I celebrated the first anniversary of he blog with just him. It felt a bit obsessive!

      Aurora 🙂

    1. Well, that just makes my day! I didn’t want to just point out the Cafe, but the mention from TCM is a hell of a lot more special because this blog is mentioned along with yours. It’s the standard!! Not to mention the first ever blogathon I dared join was the dogathon you hosted! 🙂


  2. Wow, what a wonderful year, Aurora! I’m so excited about all these kudos and opportunities. You pour a lot into your blog and you deserve the recognition.

    Here’s to Year 3! (*Clink!*)

  3. Congrats on two years! It was a pleasure meeting you in person this year and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you at the next TCMFF.

  4. Aurora, I missed congratulating you on your second anniversary! Can hardly wait to see you again next year. 🙂


    Best wishes,

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