Once Upon a Screen…A LAMMYS Nominee

A bit ago I finished casting my votes for this year’s LAMMY Awards.  For anyone not familiar with The LAMMYS, it’s a yearly awards event hosted and presented by The Large Association of Movie Blogs (The LAMB).  The event dictates that members of The LAMB choose favorites in 18 blogging categories from among the more than 1,500 member blogs.  This is the first year I’m involved as two of my blogs, Once Upon a Screen and Citizen Screenings became LAMB members in 2012.  In film blogging circles, by my estimation, The LAMMYS are a pretty big deal because to be mentioned among blogs in contention, given the impressive number of blogs and the talent and knowledge there is to choose from, means you’re definitely doing something right.  With all that in mind it is quite astounding that Once Upon a Screen has somehow made it to the nominee stage.

1 Nomination

As I cast my votes earlier today it occurred to me I had yet to formerly express my…



or share how I laughed…


…when I learned Once Upon a Screen is a nominee for a 2013 LAMMY in the Best Classic Film Blog category!


I KNOW, Lucy!  Unbelievable!

Everyone who writes a blog, whether lighter fare or serious commentary, cares about what they put out there for the world to see.  Whether that “world” is made up of a few or of many is of little consequence – in truth one has to enjoy it, otherwise, what’s the point?  And I so enjoy my own ramblings – not reading them mind you, but the respite and distraction blogging itself offers me.  All else, the thoughtful mentions from other bloggers, the supportive comments and now, a nomination for an award are the cherry on top!


I’m sure anyone and everyone who may stop in here as part of the 2013 LAMMYS voting process probably thinks that being a nominee should ensure I have proper words to express how excited I am, but I don’t.  I can only say I am this much excited…



I must add that all of this caught me a bit by surprise.  I was unaware that Once Upon a Screen had been submitted for 2013 LAMMYS consideration in the first place and honestly, I don’t know who submitted it.  I assume it’s someone who stops in for a visit regularly.  To you, the person out there in the dark…THANK YOU!  Also, to everyone who then visited this site and liked it enough to vote for it as a potential nominee, I can only say I’m speechless – as this site is up against other wonderful Classic Film Blogs each of which I’m honored to be mentioned with.  If you’d like to take a look at the entire list of blogs nominated for 2013 LAMMY Awards, please take a look here. I promise you will be blown away by not only the quality of writing, but also the knowledge and passion of these film lovers that span all genre and era of film.  And, if you’re a LAMB member, be sure to vote!

A heartfelt congratulations to all the nominated blogs!

Finally, I want to bring everyone’s attention to The LAMB itself – if you’re a blogger and haven’t considered joining this community, you should.  Not only is The LAMB a means through which your own blog gets exposure, there’s also a lot to learn about all manner of film through the myriad of blogs that make up the whole.  From the funny to the macabre, entertainment is of the essence.  To give you a clue as to how supportive and inclusive a group this is, they invited me – again, out of the blue – to take part in their latest LAMBcast, which I did happily despite the fact I’d never taken part in a podcast before.  If interested, that installment, which originally aired on Monday, April 15 and centers on the 2013 LAMMY Nominations is available here.  This was yet another honor and I truly enjoyed it.

So, whether the final count yields a yay or a nay as far as Once Upon a Screen goes, being a part of this final group up for consideration for a 2013 LAMMY is a real thrill.  Somehow, someway you found your way here for what I hope was a nice visit.  Should you return I hope you feel the warm embrace of the classics.



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