7 x 7 Award – My favorite posts

I was tagged by three great bloggers, Kari at What Happened to Hollywood, Kristina at Speakeasy and Stephen at Classic Movie Man (thank you!) for what seems to be a “tag-you’re-it” blog award.  To me it means the world that other, very highly regarded bloggers even think of my blog so I’m thrilled to be mentioned not by one, but three of them!  Humbled and verklempt!

The 7 x 7 Award highlights a blogger’s favourite pieces of work and is passed on to others so that they too can do the same as a way to promote posts and/or blogs.

Unlike another blog award that I also just learned about, the Liebster, the questions for the 7 X 7 do not vary, but like the Liebster, some are more difficult than others.

I’d never heard of this before and admit to be venturing forth with barely a clue, but  here goes:

1.Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

I am petrified of water, of drowning.  I have been my entire life.  It’s a bit strange since I was born on an island, Cuba but still true. Since I grew up in New York City (since I was five) and my parents weren’t the beach types, the opportunity to drown didn’t present itself to me all that often.  But once, when I was about seven years old, we’d gone to Anthony Wayne Recreation Area in Harriman State Park in New York.  It’s a great place for family picnics and the like.  I went into the pool with my friends.  It must have been all of two feet of water when someone pushed me accidentally.  I fell straight back and in my panic, almost drowned.  In two feet of water.  While my friends stood by and laughed.  Eventually, (obviously) one of them pulled me up, off my back.  I rarely get to live that episode down many moons later when I meet up with those childhood friends.  The ones that almost let me drown.  They still find it quite funny.  So there.  I don’t like to tell that story, not because it’s embarrassing, but because when I remember that feeling that day, I still get more than a few palpitations.

2. Link to one of the posts that I think best fits the following categories:

I warn that I am very fickle and will find it difficult to link to just one per category.  Sorry – in advance.

a. Most beautiful piece:

I really don’t think I’ve posted a “beautiful” piece.  Yet, anyway.  So I’ll go with Errol Flynn: A Pictorial because jaysus was he something to look at!  So this one is to beauty of the most superficial kind.

Flynn in CAPTAIN BLOOD, 1935

b. Most helpful piece:

In truth there’s no post I can think of that would fit this category.  All I do, for the most part, is gush about classic movies on this site.  I imagine the only way that’s helpful is that it may reinforce the love of other fans who may stop in for a look.  I also don’t consider what I post as reviews.  I comment on what I like and don’t like but it’s from a casual and personal point of view.  However, I did post Sidney Lumet…at the beginning and in the end, which discusses how Lumet, one of my favorite directors, was such a force from his very first film to the very last film.  The latter, a film I feel very strongly about, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, is one I have tried to advocate for because I feel not enough people have seen it.  It’s a powerhouse film that packs a lasting punch.  In that sense, I’d love to know I’ve convinced even one person to watch it, helping them, perhaps, to broaden their horizons if in this small way.  Here I go again,  WATCH Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead!  And remember I told you so!

c. Most popular piece:

By a longshot, Dracula, a tribute.  That Prince of Darkness cannot be beat.  Since I originally posted that entry in May of this year it is the blog’s undisputed champion.  Well, undisputed except for three days, the first of which I mention below.  If anyone is interested, the entry that comes in second place consistently is Novel to films – The Godfather.

d. Most controversial piece:

I think to true horror fans the fact I mention in the Dracula, a tribute post that I like Frank Langella’s portrayal of The Prince of Darkness as much (though for different reasons) than other much more popular actors who played the part is a bit controversial.  But no one has ever contacted me directly to tell me I’ve lost my marbles.  The only other example I can think of where I expected some adverse commentary is in the Cary Grant’s greatest costar piece where I give that most extraordinary honor to Irene Dunne. I did receive a lot of feedback on twitter about how wrong I was in that assessment.  That’s it.  I’ve yet to find much cause for any real controversy on this site.

e. Surprisingly successful piece:

I mentioned the popularity of the Dracula post above.  Well, since that one has never failed to get the most daily hits (by far) and pingbacks, I was floored when three months later Myrna Loy – the little things managed to take over the number one spot.  Myrna’s reign on this blog lasted only one day but it was thrilling for this movie geek.  She’s fabulous and the thought she’d in essence slay the beast was exciting.  Since then Myrna Loy is known as “THE Vampire Killer” in these parts.

The always stylish, Myrna Loy

f. Most underrated piece:

This is a difficult one.  No false modesty intended but I am always happily surprised when anything I post gets any attention or when a comment is posted stating someone enjoyed it.  So by those standards none are underrated in my book.  But, since I have to choose one I’d pick High Society in the Philadelphia Story.  It’s a fluff piece but with few exceptions, most of what I post are fluff pieces.  In this case though, I really enjoyed making a comparison of both films, watching them in close proximity, something I’d never done, and seeing exactly what the nuances are, aside from genre, that make them such distinct versions of the same story.

g. Most pride-worthy piece:

Hmmm – I’m proud of all my entries, I have to say – from the fluffiest pictorial to the most time-consuming commentary.  I usually post about things, people, films I love so passion, to some degree, is always a motivation, even if a post doesn’t reflect it.  The Dracula, a tribute I mentioned above is particularly special to me because I compared ten films in which Dracula was featured so it took considerable time.  Also, I’d lie if I said I wasn’t thrilled to find that The Bram Stoker Estate website posted a link to my blog post.  The Hitchcock Signature is also a (fairly) comprehensive comparison between several works by the great director, not to mention is was my entry to a very popular and important blogathon event intended to raise funds for film preservation, which means a lot to me.

3. Pass this award on to seven other bloggers:

When I started this blog it was solely for my own enjoyment after I saw the joy that came across as I read other people’s.  The fact that others might visit this site regularly or enjoy any of my movie rantings was barely a consideration – with the passion and expertise of the film blogging community I happened across by chance via twitter, I never expected to be considered one of the group in that regard.  To be considered worthy of any recognition by this group is major, fattening, icing.  So, THANK YOU!

UPDATE: Here are my nominees for the 7 x 7  Award – bloggers, friends, fellow cinephiles and all-around great fun:

Kellee – Outspoken & Freckled

Tonya – goosepimply allover

Will – Cinematically Insane

Terry – A Shroud of Thoughts

Steve – In the Frame Film Reviews

Neve – The Baz

The one I call Mr. Truth – Movie Truth

If you are unable to participate or have been tagged by someone else for this please feel free to pass it along to another worthy blogger of your choosing.

By the way, these are in no particular order and I must mention it’s a near-impossibility to choose just 7 of the many great blogs I visit frequently.  Some have already been tagged for the 7 x 7 and a few others I will mention in a subsequent post in reference to another award.  I find these things a bit uncomfortable, as silly as that sounds.  But it’s all in fun and I’m lucky to have found this wonderful community where I can express my love of film with others as obsessed as I am.

As always, thanks for visiting.  Here’s to the magic of the movies.

12 thoughts

  1. Golly, but I’m only new! I don’t feel worthy! Thank you, and thank you also for your lovely blog. I’ve been reading you for ages, and now I’ve linked to you as well.

    1. No pressure for you to do this so you can pass along to another blogger whose site you enjoy. Or keep for a bit until you want to participate. But I didn’t realize your blog is new. It’s gorgeous and I love it – that’s why I gave you this mention.

      Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments.


  2. Very nice, A… Well deserved attention !
    Your blogs are a favorite of mine.. Engaging, entertaining and informative in so many ways… Kudos!

  3. Congratulations, Aurora! Great to know that you were born in Cuba, your name doesn’t sound very American, but it’s beautiful.
    I watched Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. I didn’t like it as much as other Lumet’s films, but I thought it was very contemporary and ha a modern approach, which is interesting for a director who started during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

    1. Hi Le!

      As I mentioned, I loved BEFORE THE DEVIL but aside from the film itself, it is quite something Lumet stayed on the cutting edge, as a filmmaker, for the entirety of his career.

      As always, thanks for stopping by.


  4. Congratulations, Aurora! Great to know that you were born in Cuba, your name doesn’t sound very American, but it’s beautiful.
    I watched Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. I didn’t like it as much as other Lumet’s films, but I thought it was very contemporary and has a modern approach, which is interesting for a director who started during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

  5. oh, I’m sorry, were you saying something? I was busy looking at Errol 😉 looks like we share a crush on him!
    Thanks so much for being a frequent visitor and such a great supporter of mah blog, though I still snicker a bit at that “highly regarded blogger” business (in my case, not for the others), but thanks for the compliment, much appreciated, and likewise! cool thing about this award is the opportunity for you to spotlight your best stuff, and I look forward to catching up on the posts I missed!

    1. Lol! I’m insulted you stop in here to read what I wrote and get so easily distracted by gorgeousness. I mean, REALLY!

      It’s my pleasure to visit you over at the SPEAKEASY and you totally know you’re all that a more! Stop the insanity. You are highly regarded – I’ve heard rumors.


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