To Louis B. Mayer, That’s Entertainment!

In 1924, MGM was formed by a merger of Louis B. Mayer’s Metro Pictures Company with the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation. Under Mayer’s influence, MGM productions were characterized by elaborate sets, gorgeous costuming and pretty girls. Such pictures as Ben-Hur, Grand Hotel and The Good Earth gained MGM the reputation for entertaining films of consistently high quality.

Today I honor Louis B. Mayer, mogul of moguls, with a pictorial, the legacy he left us, results of his unquestionable standards.

“If it’s an MGM film, it has to LOOK like an MGM film.”


“I want to make beautiful pictures about beautiful people.”  and Louis B. Mayer delivered!

Wonderful memories in images.  Here’s to the MGM musical and its ultimate driving force, Louis B. Mayer.

4 thoughts

    1. Absolutely! I am reading his bio – loving it but taking it slowly. As much as we hear stories of his despotic ways, there are equal stories of his sense debt to the audience. We have to be thankful for his innate knowledge of what we love.


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