Welcome! I promise to say absolutely nothing…

If you are reading this, you somehow made it to my first ever blog post.  I’ll admit up front I don’t know what I’m doing.  I actually know very little about most things.  So, if you’re looking for answers to anything substantial, or for a clue to the meaning of life, STOP – you took a very severe wrong turn.

This blog is about the movies, from a fan’s perspective.  If you love the movies, the great, classic movie stars, the Golden Age of Hollywood, or gods and monsters featured on screens through time, you might enjoy it here.  So, I welcome you  to a blog with lofty goals and high expectations – to be either marginally entertaining or ever-so-slightly interesting.

Beyond that, I promise to say absolutely nothing.

Here’s hoping it’s not too bumpy a night because I’m ready for my close-up.

Thanks for visiting.

6 thoughts

  1. You Rock!!!! Thank you for sharing your love of film, you know how much I’ve enjoyed and benefited from your knowledge. This is the best!

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