Burns and Allen

Not long ago I did a post on Gracie Allen, Just Gracie, one of my all-time favorite comedians and now here’s another honoring her on what would have been her birthday – and of course, George Burns – they were perfect together!

Burns and Allen were far more popular from their work on the vaudeville stage and on radio than they were for their work in motion pictures and may not have achieved any success in the latter without the former.  But once Burns and Allen hit the airwaves they were the most popular act in the country and audiences loved their short films.  The couple starred in ten short films in total with Paramount Pictures between 1929 and 1933 and as a tribute to them and their act I thought I’d post a couple of them here.

Burns and Allen in 100% Service (1931)

Burns and Allen in Your Hat (1932)


When television became the medium of choice the veteran entertainers took to that forum as well and continued to entertain the country with their hilarious antics as George Burns the entertainer and his dumb-as-a-doornail wife, Gracie who also had an “Illogical logic” no one could argue with.

“The Burns and Allen Show,” (TV) – 1950 to 1958

Following are two episodes of the show.  The first, “Hypnotizing Gracie” shows how America’s favorite “Dumb Dora” is hypnotized to become the most intelligent woman in the world:

And in part two, “Gracie is Brilliant” we see how George wants the old Gracie back…she’s killing the act!

Gotta love her!


And them!