WHAT A CHARACTER! 11 – Morning Edition

Hello friends.

I have the honor of kicking off the 11th iteration of the What a Character! Blogathon.

Although I say this every year, we truly have a fantastic list of characters in store with tributes by some of the best bloggers around. A heartfelt thank you must go to each and every one of them for making this such a special event. And, as always, kudos go to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) for inspiring us to focus on the supporting players we love so dearly.

This morning edition is just the beginning, but it sets the stage in glorious manner. Co-host Kellee will follow with the afternoon edition at Outspoken & Freckled with Paula closing the day with the evening edition at Paula’s cinema club.

Without further ado, here are the morning edition submissions.

What a Character!

The opening entry for this year’s event comes from Silver Screenings and features one of the most popular character actors in movies, scene-stealer extraordinaire, Eve Arden. Why do we love her? Read this to find out.

Effortless and natural is what the Classic Film and TV Corner says about Takashi Shimura. Throughout his decades-long career, Shimura disappeared into his characters. One of the greats.

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood focuses on the versatile stage, screen, and TV actor, John Hoyt. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting his long career. You will too.

Elisha Cook, Jr. is the focus at The Last Drive-In. “Keep on riding me and they’re gonna be picking iron out of your liver.” That’s the Elisha Cook most of us know, but Jo features a dependable actor who could do it all.

If there is someone who elicits a smile at the mere mention of his name it is Paul Lynde, the ‘Sardonic Clown’ who’s the What a Character! choice of co-host Outspoken & Freckled. As Kellee states, for those of us of a certain age, Paul was a staple.


Not a bad way to start this year’s What a Character!, huh? I love this event.

Stay tuned for much more as the day progresses as my co-hosts share more character tributes at:

Outspoken & Freckled and Paula’s cinema club.

For the full list of entries, visit the Announcement Post.

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