Friday Foto Follies: The Telephone

“An amazing invention – but who would ever want to use one?” – Rutherford B. Hayes


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    1. Funny! Added him and a few others while having coffee this morning, but forgot to update the gallery. Just did it. I’d’ve been oblivious without your reminder so THANKS!! 🙂

  1. Oh be still my thumping heart!!!! That Gene Kelly moment in Anchors Aweigh! Golly. Just watched the other night, too, JUST for that… and if course watched the rest, and later rewound it… 😉
    The soap opera face killed me!!! Bwa-ha-ha!!! This is awesome, Aurora! You made my day! 😀

  2. Reblogged this on goosepimply all over and commented:
    Classic telephone moments!! Wouldn’t have thought much about them if it weren’t for my pal, Aurora at Once Upon a Screen!! 🙂 They give me a happy face today!! (Thanks bunches!!) Especially, the ever-so-smooth Gene Kelly on that phone in Anchors Aweigh – even showing Mr. Sinatra a thing or two! Sigh…

  3. Yep, the telephone. A very important instrument in the days when there was no email (yes, children, there are those of us who remember the days when you couldn’t email a friend or even speak by cell phone and if you wanted to call someone while you were out the house you had to, gasp, actually find a telephone booth and have enough change to call someone).


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