¡De Película! Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage Blogathon

 Celebrando la Herencia Hispana en Hollywood en este Día de la Raza o

Día de la Hispanidad.


The celebration of Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage is upon us and I’m honored to be hosting a terrific array of posts.  I’ll waste no time getting to the submissions, which exceeded my expectations.  But first to all the bloggers who’ve taken the time to contribute – it means the world…


If you’re interested in learning how this blogathon came about take a look at the announcement post here and for a special treat scroll down to the end of this post.  Otherwise let’s get right to it…

The stories and players…

From CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch we see her machinations of deceit up close and personal.  It’s Dolores Del Rios’ noir decent in LA OTRA (1946)

Serendipitous Anachronisms offers a fascinating look into the history, back story and Broadway production that lead to Luis Valdez’ ZOOT SUIT (1981)

The Last Drive-In takes us back to a real mystery and the aloof sensuality of Maria Montez in THE MYSTERY OF MARIE ROGET (1942)

A Person in the Dark spotlights John Sayles’ LONE STAR (1996) where everything seems deceptively ordinary, but is anything but.

The Stop Button covers the flawed, but enjoyable Spanish DRACULA.

One, Two, Three, Kick! with Once Upon a Screen in this shout out to The Conga Line in the movies.

Flickin’ Out makes an important contribution with The Good Neighbor Policy and the Latino Image.

Silents Please discusses Tórtola Valencia in PASIONARIA

Bunnybun’s Classic Movie Blog discusses the career and legacy of La Madrina Margo Albert

The Horn Section can’t take its eyes off Adele Mara and for good reason.

Mrs. Charles focuses on the ultra-talented Jose Iturbi – Classical Piano Man, Conductor and Actor

Critica Retro discusses two early film stars with the strength and grace of Latin blood with The Latin in Silent Film: Myrtle Gonzalez and Beatriz Michelena.

Wide Screen World offers a fascinating look at the life and career of the Elvis of Mexican wrestling and his most popular film, SANTO VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN AKA Samson vs. the Vampire Women

Twenty Four Frames presents Juano Hernandez in his first mainstream Hollywood film, one that still contains the power to sock you hard right in the pit of your gut, INTRUDER IN THE DUST.

Flickin’ Out is back with El Cine Negro: When Film Noir Went Latino – Hollywood digged deeper and Mexico embraced noir.

Outspoken & Freckled presents Dolores Del Rio in a role she was born to play, the 1928 version of RAMONA.

The Movie Rat offers a commentary on The Films of Robert Rodriguez, an innovative, intuitive and rebellious filmmaker.

Girls Do Film discusses Fantasy, Reality and Sentiment in FRIDA.

Comet Over Hollywood takes a look at Xavier Cugat with The Rumba King and South American Influence in Film.

Movies, Silently gives Antonio Moreno his due with an overview of the actor’s career and details the 1914 silent JOHN RANCE, GENTLEMAN.

Chris Moniz praises ‘El Conde’ in Universal’s Spanish DRACULA as a special guest post on this blog.

Old Hollywood Films spotlights the still relevant, pseudo-documentary film noir, BORDER INCIDENT.

B Noir Detour discusses how Katy Jurado confronts the femme fatale stereotype in HIGH NOON.

Memories from a low-budget PBS show lead Once Upon a Screen to Errol Flynn in Havana with From “Que Pasa, U.S.A.?” to THE BIG BOODLE with Velia Martinez

Moon in Gemini offers an historical (and personal) look at Telenovelas and their influence on American TV.

From Out of the Past comes the fiercely loyal, perfect Hollywood escort, Cesar Romero or as he was affectionately referred, The Latin from Manhattan.

A Shroud of Thoughts brings you Rita Moreno: Puerto Rican Superstar

Blog of the Darned discusses what it means to be BORN IN EAST L.A. as portrayed in the movie.


Phyllis Loves Classic Movies brings you John Wayne and the Two Pedros (Armendariz and Gonzalez Gonzalez)

The wonderful World of Cinema presents Sara Montiel: Vera Cruz’s Spanish Beauty

Film Dirt spotlights The Short, Spooky Films of Segundo de Chomón “The Spanish Melies”



For your listening pleasure here’s a Desi Arnaz compilation:

“Cuban Cabbie”

“Cuban Pete”

“El Cumbanchero”


Thank you for visiting this blog and supporting this event!

31 thoughts

  1. I just wanted to thank you for hosting the blogathon, Aurora! I think next year I should probably write about a woman I don’t have a crush on–I just realised I have done it twice in as many years (Lupe Velez last year, Rita Moreno this year). 🙂

  2. I agree, I had great fun participating and thanks for reading. Hope it’s an annual event because there’s a number of great performers and films I’d like to consider highlighting next year. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on The Last Drive In and commented:
    Let’s recap Hollywood’s Hispanic Heritage celebration hosted by that film and television maven Aurora from Once Upon a Screen… Read the marvelous posts for this terrific Blogathon! Well done Aurora. Got some reading to do this afternoon –Salud! Joey

  4. There are excellent reads here. I LOVE this blogathon, it’s a lot of fun and a terrific history lesson. Thank you Aurora! (Desi would be so proud!)

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