Classic Birthday Wishes…thank you!

Thank you to everyone across social media for the lovely thoughts and wishes sent my way today.  You’ve made me feel classic – not as in ‘antiquity,’ but as in special.  In appreciation I put together an image gallery of classic birthdays. But first…

…you must read a wonderful interview conducted by Danny at Cinephiled.  Danny spent some time with child star Cora Sue Collins who is also celebrating a birthday today.  In the interview Cora Sue talks Garbo, Garland, and the day Jean Harlow Came to Her Birthday Party.  It’s amazing how much we have in common!  Congratulations to Danny for a terrific interview, one you’re sure to enjoy!  I was one of the lucky few who spent some time with Cora Sue Collins on March 25th, the day before this year’s TCMFF and was able to see first-hand how lovely and warm she is.  Here are two pictures of her from that day – a classic in every sense of the word.

Happy birthday, Cora Sue!


And now my classic birthday celebrations…

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