Classic Movie History Project Blogathon

Following is the announcement for the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon as written by Fritzi of Movies, Silently.  Why re-invent the announcement wheel when this one came from the source and is perfect?  It was Fritzi’s idea to create an event that celebrates the history of film in a manner that I think is unique.  I am both thrilled and honored she asked me to join her and Ruth of Silver Screenings to co-host.


The Announcement:

We firmly believe that there is a little bit of the historian in every classic movie fan. After all, we love films that were made before we were even a gleam in our father’s eye. Well, here’s our chance to collaborate on a project celebrating the history of motion pictures

Most movie blogathons center around actors, topics, genres or eras of film. This event is going to focus on individual years. Our range is 1915 to 1950. Participants will each focus on one individual year in the history of film. In order to focus on as many years as possible, we are asking for no duplicates, please.

Hosting duties will be split between the eras incorporated within the span covered by this event:  Fritzi of Movies, Silently will host the silent era portion (1915 through 1926), Ruth of Silver Screenings will host the “talkies” era (1927 through 1938), and Aurora of Once Upon a Screen the pre- to post-war years (1939 to 1950).


How do I join?

Pick the year you would like to focus on (or ask us to assign one to you). Be sure to wait for confirmation before going to work as the “big” years are likely to be snapped up quickly. If your chosen year is taken, we will suggest alternate years that are still open.  I will update the list of entries at the end of this post as entries are confirmed.

You can leave a message in the comments section, contact me via email or on Twitter (@CitizenScreen).  Please be sure to include contact details and the name of your blog.

What can I submit?

It’s your year and you can handle it any way you like. Here are some ideas:

A pictorial focusing on the best film posters of your chosen year.

A review of a film from your chosen year.

An examination of the year through the films of a particular actor or director. For example, you could cover 1931 by examining the five films Joan Crawford made that year.

A historical approach discussing events that changed the course of film history. For example, 1927 and the talkie revolution.

A timeline showing the important events of your year. For example, a timeline of major releases for 1922.

An examination of the year through popular genres. For example, you could cover 1916 by discussing the role of westerns and realism vs. escapism in these films.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Banners:  Throughout this post are a variety of the banners for the event (designed by Fritzi).  It would be greatly appreciated if you’d post one on your blog to help spread the word and include it in your blogathon post when the time comes.

Happy blogging.



List of entries:

1915 – Movies, Silently – Overview of the year through the films of Cecil B. DeMille

1916 – The Big “V” Riot Squad

1917 – A Person in the Dark – Chaplin Mutuals

1918 – A Small Press Life

1919 – Totally Filmi

1920 – Durnmoose Movie Musings

1921 – Silent Volume

1922 – Family Friendly Reviews

1923 – The Filmatelist

1924 – Nitrate Glow

1925 – Critica Retro

1926 – Film Buffa – Silent Hitchcock

1927 – Goregirl’s Dungeon

1928 – Self-Styled Siren

1929 – Silver Screenings – Film: They had to see Paris

1930 – The Artistic Packrat

1931 – Immortal Ephemera

1932 – Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel

1933 – Outspoken & Freckled

1934 – The Nitrate Diva

1935 – Absolutely Merle

1936 – Lasso the Movies

1937 – The Motion Pictures

1938 – Speakeasy

1939 – Once Upon a Screen

1940 – The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

1941 – The Joy and Agony of Movies

1942 – Wide Screen World

1943 – The Last Drive-In – Val Lewton in 1943

1944 – The Movie Rat

1945 – Caftan Woman

1946 – Synkroniciti

1947 – Crimson Kimono

1948 – Hye’s Musings

1949 – Portraits by Jenni

1950 – Vienna’s Classic Hollywood


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