The Gish Sisters – an album

“I never cease to wonder at my luck in having for my sister the woman who, more than any other woman in America, possesses all the qualities of true greatness.”

— Dorothy Gish in Stage magazine about her sister Lillian Gish

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Dorothy Gish – movie legend

Lillian Gish – movie legend


This pictorial is a preamble to my official contribution to The Gish Sisters Blogathon hosted by Fritzi at Movies, Silently, a site dedicated to the celebration of silent film, and Lindsey and her fabulous classic film site, The Motion Pictures.  My official blogathon post in which I discuss D. W. Griffiths, The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) will be posted in a few days. The Gish Sisters Blogathon runs from September 7 through September 9. Please visit either host site for many insightful posts in the three-day celebration of a century of Lillian and Dorothy Gish.


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