Barbara Stanwyck on OTR


Barbara Stanwyck – July 16, 1907 to January 20, 1990

“Career is too pompous a word. It was a job, and I have always felt privileged to be paid for what I love doing.”


The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater presents, “Why Jack is not going to appear on the show” with Jack Benny, Basil Rathbone, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Hersholt.  (March 27, 1944)


Lux Radio Theater presents Barbara Stanwyck and Melvyn Douglas in “Dark Victory,” with Edward Arnold as presenter and narrator. (April 4, 1938).


On Suspense (October 19, 1950)

12 thoughts

  1. Will certainly listen to these programs. There is just so much vintage radio available,a wonderful treasure.
    Lovely photos.

  2. Hey, Aurora!
    Great post, and I’m definitely looking forward to listening to these shows, especially the Screen Guild Theater one. As a long time fan, I’m always thrilled to see these Old Time Radio shows get more love. Also, just thought I’d let you know that I followed up the Dynamic Duos posts I did on Abbott and Costello last weekend today with a look at their Old Time Radio show: , Hope you don’t mind the shameless little bit of self-promotion.
    Keep it Up!

    1. Not at all, Michael! Sharing these classics on all mediums is what excites me so shamelessly shre away! I’ll be over to take a look when I can.


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