The Great Kate

“People have grown fond of me, like some old building.”

Today I remember a Connecticut Yankee in Hollywood.  Katharine Hepburn would have celebrated a birthday today and by way of this humble tribute I honor her.

If there’s one, definitive who’s who of who’s who’s in classic film, Kate Hepburn would be it.


A superb talent, unequaled presence, memorable personality with trend-setting style – she was herself and became our own.

“I’m a personality as well as an actress. Show me an actress who isn’t a personality, and you’ll show me a woman who isn’t a star.”

1947 US actress Katherine Hepburn relaxes between scenes of the making of a new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film.

Ranked the #1 woman in the AFI‘s “50 Greatest Movie Legends.”

“Once a crowd chased me for an autograph. “Beat it”, I said, “go sit on a tack!” “We made you”, they said. “Like hell you did”, I told them.”


“As for me, prizes are nothing. My prize is my work.”

Oh, but we know she cared about those Oscars!  And she won four.  She holds the Guinness World Record as the only movie star to win four Academy Awards and was nominated 12 times as Best Actress.


Best Actress performances
Best Actress performances

Despite her success at the Oscars, she never attended an Academy Awards ceremony as a nominee. Her only appearance was at the 1974 awards to present the Irving Thalberg Award to her friend Lawrence Weingarten. When she went onstage to a standing ovation, she said “I’m living proof that a person can wait forty-one years to be unselfish.”. (IMDB)

Katharine Hepburn’s only Academy Awards ceremony appearance in 1974. She presented Lawrence Weingarten an “Irving J. Thalberg Award.”

Hepburn was nominated for two Tony Awards: in 1970 as Best Actress (Musical), for playing the title character, Coco Chanel in “Coco,” and in 1982 as Best Actress (Play), for “The West Side Waltz.” She lost both times.



In a letter to Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences President Gregory Peck, she claimed that sentiment for the death of her long-time lover and co-star, Spencer Tracy, had been part of the reason she won her second Oscar for Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967). She also  told Peck that she modeled her award-winning characterization of “Christina Drayton” on her mother. (IMDB)




A Turner Classic Movies (TCM) tribute – narrated by Anthony Hopkins:

[asked what star quality is] “It’s either some kind of electricity or some kind of energy. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, I’ve got it.”


To a legend.


7 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Michael. I literally three this together but had to post a tribute. Both Hepburns were amazing for different reasons. Awesomeness in two distinct packages.


    1. I’m headed to your post first thing in the morning, Margaret. Can’t wait to read it. But had to just say that if you like this then I KNOW I did something right! 😀

      Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Yep, she’s amazing. To mention my favorite film of hers is hard; she’s fantastic in everything. All of it.
    I had fun watching “The Aviator” and appreciated Cate Blanchett’s performance of KH. I thought she did a stellar job trying to capture her quirky, intelligent personality.

    1. Kate WAS fantastic in everything. I can’t choose a favorite, which is why I couldn’t decide on commentary on a particular film as a tribute. And I love Cate’s portrayal of Kate AVIATOR too.

      Thanks much for visiting and for your comments!


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